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Thursday 12 July 2012

Annika in Maggie Sottero Mona

Anybody remember what a summer wedding looks like? I know it's terribly British of me to moan about the weather, but seriously, how much longer can this go on?

A handful of my brides this year have been blessed with a beautiful sunny day. Whilst rainy day brides are sending in fun pictures full of Dunkirk spirit and last minute brolly purchases I don't think Annika would have been strolling in front of the wisteria or enjoying the open top car with the steel grey sky and endless rain I am looking at today.

Annika's Maggie Sottero Mona, in soft chiffon with it's asymmetric neckline, is absolutely the kind of dress the Miss Bush team loves from this famous label. Slim but not fishtail, elegant, structured and with embellishments that sing not bling...

Once again I am mummy-proud of my Miss Bush bride looking absolutely stunning and outshining any image that Maggie Sottero can produce. Annika is a beautiful bride and  she makes Northbrook Park more lovely for her presence

Annika would love to thank her team and share her photos with other brides to be

"It would be lovely to see some of the pictures on your blog, I have always enjoyed reading the entries on other weddings, so it would be nice to share mine with other brides too!"

Photographer- Jon Hayden
Florist- Fiona Curry Flowers
Venue- (St James' Church, Rowledge) & Northbrook Park
Hair & Make up- Hanna Wildman

Huge thanks to Annika for the photos xxx

Wednesday 11 July 2012

A Little Slice of London

The culture of celebrity and celebrity endorsement of  brands is contentious. Beautiful Thandie Newton is a perfect brand ambassador for Temperley London...

pictures via:
Celebrity endorsement can sometimes backfire absolutely -  a PR graveyard. It took six years of visual rehab for me to consider buying Anoushka G dresses after Michelle Heaton wore one (very badly) for her short lived first marriage to Andy Scott Lee.

Please do not judge me for my encyclopedic knowledge of  OK & tabloid featured weddings - it's an occupational hazard. Mercifully this was before the scourge of Google Image search could lead to the permanent brand damage and I can only find one shot of the bride who has seemingly self tanned with creosote.

Picture courtesy of The Little Venice Cake Company

It cheers me no end to find that a very sane and savvy PR machine has ensured that very cool actresses and The Duchess of Cambridge are papped on the red carpet in Temperley. Above and below are Thandie Newton and Minnie Driver in Temperley Pre Fall at recent premieres in directional bronze lace and the D of C in a black version of the bridal Amoret
Picture courtesy of Grazia

Picture courtesy of Grazia

Temperley London Amoret

Lest we forget - the brand is not just the choice of Royals and actresses - the socialists like a spot of Temperley too...

Link to image here
Come and join Miss Bush on the 9th, park your politics, trash the tabloids and love the dresses...

Sunday 8 July 2012

A Little Slice of London

In precisely one month Miss Bush is going to the proud stockist of another iconic British label. Temperley London is coming to Ripley.

Now I know you know we, at Miss Bush, love a frock and you know we love a cocktail! Therefore the arrival of this wonderful collection of dresses gives me the perfect excuse to host a fashion show and party to welcome the brand to the shop.

I was lucky enough to meet Peggy Porschen's PR Stephanie Balls a short while ago and their wonderful  cakes and iconic London shop seemed a perfect match to the cool Temperely dresses. I was delighted when Stephanie agreed to become involved with the event and Peggy's cakes will be on show to see and taste.

It was the iconic shop fronts that inspired the hand drawn invitation by Leah Spicer of Golden Apple - a must visit website for wedding stationery. I squealed with delight when I saw the results she reproduced from my inarticulate rambling brief.

As if glamorous dresses and cakes were not enough party goers will also be able to marvel up close at inspirational flowers by legends Steph from Fairynuff Flowers and Gayle from Bloomingayles who will also be on hand to talk petals if  required.

Bloomingayles flowers at the Postcard From New York event. Photograph by Juliet McKee
Beautiful weekly blooms in store at Miss Bush by Steph at Fairynuff Flowers. Photo by Anneli Marinovich
Please phone 01483 222815 or email for tickets and further information.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Anouska G Trunk Show 7th - 14th July 2012

Miss Bush is full of deeply desirable dresses. Dresses that makes you breathe slightly shallower, your pulse quicken. Intoxicating, seductive gowns that steal your heart and make your money burn a hole in your pocket.

This passion, this heady rush is hard to find in dresses that could be called a bargain. I also know my view of a bargain is coloured by being situated 17 miles south west of Fulham in a village that's parking bays look like a Top Gear porn-fest some days.

In Anouska G, London based Anna and George Hadji's label, I believe I have found a rare combination of unique, head turning, wow-inducing dresses that start from £1000. In the same way that carefully edited Maggie Sottero produces a surprising affordability, Anouska G offers serious red carpet style that easily fits within Miss Bush brides taste and purse.

From the 7th - 14th July I am holding a mini Trunk Show. George and Anna are loaning Miss Bush beautiful dresses that have yet to hit the rails for you to try and buy.

Look out for special offers on my favourite style blogs too...

All photos courtesy of The White Gallery, London.

Thursday 21 June 2012

Suzanne Rawle in Maggie Sottero Presca Marie

Maggie Sottero and Miss Bush may seem like an incongruous match on the surface. Maggie's advertising images would lead you to believe they do a mean line in meringue and little else.

 Miss Bush buying has always reflected our customers eclectic taste and style - located closed to London our brides are savvy shoppers and early adopters of new shapes and trends. They do however demand value for money along with their dress. Maggie therefore has always offered both - even if they do hide that fact under some glamour model styling on line.

Suzanne was one of  my first brides to buy Presca Marie. It has Miss Bush stamped all over it. It has  impeccable corded lace over Maggie Sottero's signature corset structure. The amazing train features a double band of extraordinarily beautiful deep lace edging. The skirt panels feature point d'esprit tulle ( that's the 'fashion' term for spotty!) giving the dress a light and vintage feel. The shape of dress could be described as A line - although in reality the shape is way more refined.

Chalk meet Cheese
On the left the Rosa Clara dress Adamo that we used to stock that provided the inspiration for Suzanne's lace top to cover her shoulders for church. On the right is Maggie Sottero Presca with it's matching veil. As Maggie Sottero won't sell lace separately Suzanne ordered the dress with the veil and Janet, the Miss Bush production manager, harvested the lace and cut a pattern especially for Suzanne. The Maggie Sottero Presca Marie, below,  has a flower belt as opposed to the beaded belt above! As neither belts are brilliant with the dress (I have a particular distrust of diamante teamed with lace) the Miss Bush advice is to get the Presca Marie as it costs less and you can use the flower in your hair!
Maggie Sottero Presca Marie

Many thanks to Suzanne for sharing these photos shot by her brother-in-law Matt.

Suzanne's neat hairdo uses the flowers from the Presca Marie belt. Hair is by Sharon Roberts 

I love working with other brilliant wedding professionals and I was so pleased that Suzanne chose Sharon to do her hair. Sharon is like a mini wedding planner and runs a very smooth wedding morning. Unflappable to the last- she even accommodated Suzanne's Mother's last minute request for tendrils for her daughter's hair style and tweaked the style to perfection.

I know the hanging up dress shot  probably only resonates with the Suzanne herself but the light through the lace shows the detail beautifully.

I know Suzanne looks rather pensive here - but I think it's my favourite shot

I know I am like a cracked record - but look at the uncreased. perfect corset structure. Maggie magic...

Perfect bustling and fit ensures all manner of twirling can be undertaken with ease!!
Thank you to the new Mr and Mrs Mark Dymott for sharing these lovely photos xxx

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