Thursday, 24 May 2012

Miss Bush Sale - Trade Secrets

In a mountain far, far away there exists a most beautiful jewel lined secret cave - it's entrance hidden by a sparking turquoise waterfall. Inside the walls are studded with precious stones, it's floors are laid with sumptous kilims and on benches of the whitest marble fantastical creatures spin wedding dresses from silken threads. Packed in enchanted crystal boxes, swept via magical zephyr to dreaming brides the dresses have spells stiched into every seam...

On dark days in the Kingdom of Dress a cruel Baron or a greedy, wicked Stepmother will try to upset the mystical creatures working so tirlessly and so magically. Over the years the wily Fairy Godmothers and the elfin seamstresses have become wise to their ways and banish them from the Kingdom and order and happiness is restored.

Adorno is the very last Rosa Clara dress at Miss Bush. Current season, immaculate - £4655 reduced to £2000.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Miss Bush Sale - Sizing and Fitting

Across many of the blog posts I have written I have 'shared with the group' the unmissable fact that I sport I fine G cup bust. I have adjusted to the fact that if I want to buy a  reasonable, well fitting off the peg dress I nip into Hobbs and the angelic pattern cutters seem to have catered for me in their size 16.

Wedding dresses would be a different story - if I was advising myself I would suggest I didn't visit a sample sale. Wedding dresses. even if they are a 16, are not cut for a very large cup size. Similarly they are not usually great on the over 5' 10" or in the under 5' 2".

A sample sale is really best suited to those brides that are sample size - it can be an 8 or a 16 - but it is worth not disappointing yourself with a slightly deflating sale experience.

Reasonable and practical alterations would be to take a dress down by 1 to 2 sizes, shortening the length, customising and certainly adjusting to a different size top and bottom  - all entirely manageable.

Letting out - crikey no! Letting the hem down - ditto! These are inadvisable and I would not recommend buying a sample dress with these in mind.

The one exception to this would be adding a larger panel under the lacing of a corset back dress - this could certainly buy you an inch or two.

Hems, side seams, lifting shoulders, adding bust cups, lingerie carriers, bustling trains - all perfectly practical tasks that our seamstresses perform daily - can be offered for samples.

Samples sales can be a fabulous steal. Miss Bush staff are trained to continue to advise with integrity and to not let the spectre of red pen bargains overwhelm common sense.

Suzanne Neville Devotion £2300 reduced to £995

Miss Bush Sample Sale - Style Tips

Sample sales are not the best places to shop if you want this season's best seller. I am so wedded to my bestsellers they are not going anywhere. Like the story of The Velveteen Rabbit they have been loved to scruffiness and would not survive a dry clean without disintegrating.

One of the best type of dress to buy is something cool and different. These are the kind of dresses for brides who are actively looking for a slightly left field look whilst remaining emphatically bridal. Miss Bush loves a niche dress and fresh looks at a classic styles,  hence we have a lot of love for Jesus Peiro.

Jesus Peiro Style 2017  is just such a dress - twisting expectations of a strapless dress into a chic minimal gown with plenty of wow factor. A detachable train also means it is great for a wedding that is going to change quickly from formal to fun.

Jesus Peiro 2017 SRP £1895 Sale Price £995

Detachable train for pretty and practical reasons...

Our specialist cleaners will have no problem with fine details like these...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Miss Bush Sample Sale - Budget Tips

Budget planning for weddings can one of the least glamorous aspects of the build up to the big day. Abstract round numbers are added to spreadsheets which sometimes seem perfectly adequate until you go shopping only to discover differently.

A couple of the prices that I hear on the phone as figures set for the dress are £500 and £1000. I know that this is a fair amount of money for a dress but with the escalating costs of fabrics, production, carriage and VAT that manufacturers, designers and retailers have to factor into their very luxurious service it is becoming harder to meet at wedding boutique level.

Until we have sample sales...

Maggie Sottero Polina UK 18 Ivory SRP £980 Sale Price £600

Sample sales can be one of the rare opportunities to look at the spreadsheet and declare a saving! As I know from most brides this usually means a diversion of funds. Consider the dress above - priced at £600 including a specialst dry clean and remedial work if needed - the 'saved' £380 would easily cover a pair of Pink 'Girly' shoes, a Polly Edwards headpiece and a long simple veil...

Pink 'Girly' shoes - selected sizes only £40

Polly Edwards Coco SRP £270 Sale Price £100
Veils from all our suppliers miscellaneous styles all £50 - image for illustration purposes! £790 could get you dressed with budget left for post-Zumba frenzy weight loss alterations and a low carb snack!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bush Telegraph SALE

Readers, fellow retailers, brides to be and random snoopers you may get tired of hearing the word 'sale' in the next couple of weeks. Nevertheless it is fact for there to be new dresses there has to be a sale. Today's offerings are from Stephanie Allin. The beautiful Olivia and Bacall are from the 2012 Jazz Age collection and are stunning in their simplicity. Both will be priced at the holy grail of bargain price points £995 to include specialist dry cleaning, any necessary remedial work and storing the dress. Both samples are in excellent condition, size 10/12 and can be dressed up for a formal wedding or equally worn barefoot and beautiful.

Book your appointment for Saturday 2nd June 01483 222815 and bag a Bush bargain...

...yes, I'm not sure about slogans either!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bush Telegraph SALE

Two retail phrases get me hot and bothered and reaching for the plastic, 'New Season' and more thrillingly 'SALE'.

The Miss Bush summer sale starts on Saturday 2nd June and will be spectacular! Sample dresses from stellar names like Jenny Packham, Jesus Peiro, Suzanne Neville and Cymbeline will be reduced by between 30% and 70% and will be offered with our usual after sales service.

Buy the sample dress on a full service basis and benefit from inclusive dry cleaning, storage and remedial work within the price. Keep the dress hidden from prying eyes by using our storage and take advantage of our expert fitting service should the bootcamp regime pay dividends.

On an a strict budget? Take a further 10% off the dress and take it away!

Jenny Packham Foxglove Size 12 Ivory. Perfect Condition Sample Reduced from £2010 to £1500

Cymbeline Frime Size 12 Ivory Perfect Condition Reduced from £1810 to £800

There will also be a massive stock clearance of shoes from Benjamin Adams, Belle and Pink as I may well be buried under an avalanche of surplus sizes soon. Full list coming soon!

Benjamin Adams Clara  Sample Size 38  £169 recuced to £50

Thursday, 3 May 2012

A big ad, a big shoot and a bigger 'thank you'

Just want to say a huge thank you to my Postcard From New York team

These women are some of the finest I have ever met and  their talent and passion is hard to find and harder to beat.  I would highly recommend all of them for any wedding - I would go far to say book them before somebody else does.

A special thank you to Emma Woodhouse aka The Wedding Reporter for all she does for Miss Bush behind the scenes not least enabling me to share this image - Miss Bush's forthcoming full page advert in
You and Your Wedding - as I am too incapeable of turning a pdf into a jpeg. The water and wine trick would be easier I warrant.
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