Sunday, 31 July 2011

You and Your Wedding Shoot

I make no secret that Peta Hunt is my all time favourite bridal fashion editor. The kudos designers get from having their dresses featured is immense and fashion editors do wield a lot of power. However with Peta I really feel she has a an incredibly meritocratic approach to the dresses she calls in for shoots. I know there is a lot of pressure for magazines to feature their advertisers dresses and it really shows in some editorial pieces. With Peta I feel the dresses and designers have earned the right to be shown through inspirational design. I was delighted then to come across this video on the You and Your Wedding website featuring the woman herself at work. The Divine Decadence shoot was brilliant - I love the Dangerous Liaisons/New Romantic feel and was planning a similar shoot for Miss Bush - so now I gotta change it. Grrrrr. However I would really like to share this with you .

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Anne & Zara

How I love a wedding. I was yearning for a version of Princess Anne's dress

 The beaming face of Zara was pure joy. Not necessarily a fashion moment per se but a very, very happy one

A Bit of Nepotism

Forgive me a bit of Mummy behaviour this morning.  I am featuring a picture of my daughter. My 17 year old 'baby' Georgia is currently in Zante - yes the worry never ends - I am certain she doesn't look as elegant now as this.  I was also thinking of  Mum's and daughters because of Princess Anne and Zara. What dress and will she be a chip off the old block! I am longing for a bit of 70's retro. In the meantime here is my bleached haired, nose-ringed poppet looking good in a  mikado Lazaro bridesmaid dress and a Rachel Trevor Morgan grosgrain ribbon hat. All available at Miss Bush.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

It's very warm...

My office at work is on the mezzanine floor of the old Methodist Chapel in Ripley and it blimmin' hot near the pointy bit.  I am here trying to catalogue and organise three years of emails containing our brides pictures and  I came across this gem from Kimberley Perry - 

This is where I'd like to be right now - beach in Barbados - with a glass of fizz!

Style pioneer Cheryl Ferguson shows us how to Ugo...

The new Mrs Vertannes, designer and style pioneer shows us how to work the fabulous French label Ugo Zaldi with great aplomb.

Ugo Zaldi are only in their 2nd season in the UK and at Miss Bush and the label is going from strength to strength. Cheryl's dress is style B91 and is made from the softest tulle (called  mousseline de soie fellow geeks) draped over soft corsettry. The lovely one-shouldered gown references key trends but is a fresh and original interpretation.
I am also indebted to Cheryl for providing me more ammo to counter the 'is it weddingy enough for church?' argument.

Yes - I'd say so! 

I love the vibrant colour pop flowers

Definitley wedding wedding and cool in one dress...

I love this bouquet - cobalt blue is one of my favourite colours

Extra points to anyone that spotted the Jenny Packham Accacia II headdress - it could have it's own blog it has reached such iconic status.

Thanks Cheryl for sharing these stunning pictures x 

Are you Miss Bush?

I get asked this question a lot. An awful lot. So now I have a blog I can fully explain the name of the shop, who I am and how I come to be burdened with the most nudge, nudge, wink, wink name in the whole of bridalwear.

The Miss Bush Bridalwear building, in the quite cutesy village of Ripley, used to house a sweet shop and tea room. It was actually called Ye Olde Sweete Shoppe - yes  - this was the dark age of branding. However it was known locally as Miss Bush's because of  generations of Miss Bushes that ran it. They were somewhat 'fast' and had children out of wedlock. Now, of course, brides and I and have a bit of a gossip while they breast feed.

My Mum, Gen, something of a legend, albeit a ferocious one, has been at 'The Bush' since the start back in '88. Jean, her friend who opened the business, called it Miss Bush's in homage to the bawdy legends  and really and truly to the Carry On connotations of the name.

When Gen took over the business in '92 it became Miss Bush Bridalwear. I joined her in '94 bristling with the zeal of a London PR and Marketing girl & was slightly appalled at the un-designer sounding name. Mix the beamed shop, the pretty, pretty dresses, the Germanic Gothic font of the logo and the name together and it was all very chocolate box. Add to that I used to wear my Helen Storey leather and lycra leggings to work and had always been a bit of Marlboro smoking, gig going indie kid I wonder how I am still working here.

Almost simultaneously the film Four Weddings and a Funeral was out at the cinema and the hideous, over used adjective 'meringue' was coined. Handy for me as I was keen to give the shop a more indie edge - I don't mean dressing everyone a la Rock 'n Roll Bride though I do love that look.I mean going our own way with buying, working collaboratively with designers - Stephanie Allin in particular, comissioning our own pieces, buying straight into Jenny Packham, even championing strapless dresses when everyone's mother was appalled at the prospect.

So effectively I have had to fight to bring stylish connotations to the name Miss Bush - hence my press advertising uses Rosa Clara's 'too cool for school' images. I have, along with my Mum, bought feisty connotations to the name Miss Bush.I have just about stocked every label at some time and argued with everyone in in the industry at some point. I have withdrawn advertising from magazines to make a point and have challenged designers on the provenance of their gowns.

Incredulous London brides-to-be wonder where they are bring dragged as their car stops on the bandit side of the M25.' Miss Bush - in Ripley - are you sure?'  I guess we're not in W1 anymore Toto...

The Miss Bush name is unforgettable in a sea of 'White' this and 'Wedding' that. There's no Belles or Confetti on us. Even the new yellow and black logo is a tribute to the mighty Selfridges and was about the least weddingy thing I could think of. Believe me if I had a cool name - like Ellie Sanderson or Caroline Castigliano I would use it - though let us not forget that Caroline's surname is actually Body. Emma Meek is hardly any better!

So Miss Bush is a funny, usually stylish, argumentative, indie-spirited, wayward lass with a boundless passion for bridalwear. Her reputation drags brides out of London and from around the world to see what all the fuss is about. She can be a bit Marmite.

So am I Miss Bush? No, but I'd like to be.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Something Blue - Rachel Kemp nee Hotchkiss

Just how many lovely photos can one girl have hidden away in my Outlook folders - shed-loads is the most accurate amount I can come up with. Here is Rachel looking sensational in a vintage champagne toned taffeta that perfectly compliments her strawberry blond hair and cute as a button freckles. I have aburning desire to name check the florist and photographer - I have emailed Rachel and hope to add their contacts.

Up close on the appliqued detail

I love the sash and lace detail on this Maggie Sottero gown

A lovely moment beautifully captured

Radient Rachel....

A perfect fitting corset

Stunning venue

The blue theme is boldly breathtaking

How sweet is the dog?

I love this picture of the new 'family.' I am delighted to be able to share these photos - showing a slight shift in colour palette can have great results.
Thanks for the inspiration Rachel x 


Rachel has filled me in on her Dream Team

"Hi Emma
 ... how lovely of you to feature our special day like that.  It's our first anniversary on Sunday so perfect timing!

Photographer:  Photojennic
Florist:  The Lavender Hill Company 
Venue:  Northbrook Park, Farnham, Surrey

Kind regards

Rachel Kemp"

Charlotte Last - All Things Bright and Beautiful

When I first started working for my Mother at Miss Bush ,17 odd years ago, I saw it as a bit of a Mc-Job. Part-time relief from being a first time Mummy. Fairly soon it got under my skin and it's been a long time since I thought of returning to London to a 'proper job.' Apart from the sumptuous surroundings and the gorgeous dresses one of the benefits is the fantastic girls I meet, sometimes all too briefly. It's this daily social life, a feed of new and fascinating clients that could never tempt me back to the corporate world. I will repeat endlessly  how very proud I am of my clients not just as beautiful brides but brilliant women.

Charlotte fits into this category in an instant. Bright, funny self-deprecating, an enthusiastic bride and a beautiful one to boot. Charlottes parents are charming and since her wedding one of her friends and sisiter have also bought dresses so there has been ample opportunity for me to beg and plead for a set of photos showing one my favourite all time dresses by Jesus Peiro.
Jesus Peiro Style 165 in Razmir Mikado

Veil is a teeny elbow length to sit at the teeny waist!

A detachable Cathedral length train adds drama and back view splendour1

Beautiful rural Rutland

This has got to be the picture in the silver frame....

I love, love, love this train

Congratulations - what a happy image....
Massive personal thanks to Charlotte and her family for sharing these pictures and for her support of Miss Bush Bridalwear - whatever the polar opposite of Bridezilla is you're it!

Sarah Dalli in Jenny Packham Eden

I love everything about Sarah, her dress, her photos and her glowing letter. I am blushing while simultaneously basking in the reflected glory of the genius of Jenny Packham. 

"I just wanted to drop you an email to say that I am back from our wedding in Melbourne, Australia - the day was amazing, and the dress absolutely stunning!

I've never been so complimented in my life, and the dress had a big part to play in that - I felt amazing in it.

Thank you to your team for all your guidance. I would never have thought at 5' 1" I would have been able to wear a Jenny Packham dress, but with your help I found my perfect dress.

Gen, you made every fitting a breeze and I appreciated your help and perfection. And as promised here are a few pics from the day of me in the gorgeous Eden gown.

Thanks again,

Many, many thanks to Sarah for sharing these wonderful images and spreading the word of Jenny Packham and Miss Bush to Melbourne

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Amy - my star colleague!

Brides and Designers alike know Amy very well. She a natural born stylist, fab hairdresser, and all round Miss Bush legend. She has worked with me for 10 years and I am a very, very lucky girl. Check out this high praise from a very famous source...
Couldn't put it better myself x

Have been name checked on Style Me Pretty

Quite by accident I found us name checked!

 Many thanks to Chloe - her name keeps cropping next to very beautiful pictures

Monday, 25 July 2011

Preview of a Jenny Packham gem...

I haven't seen any images of Jenny Packham's Eden on anyone yet. Let alone in all ivory! Here is one image of many of Sarah Dalli - a trailblazer and my first bride to wear it.

Sara Jones now Mrs Peto sorry it's taken so long....

As everone knows I have been blogging for the whole of two weeks. Simply not long enough to catch up with all my brides and their lovely photos.

Sara - I include you at the top of the list. Sara is wearing one of my favourite ever dresses and you may see a couple more posts of other brides in the same dress. Jesus Peiro 165 is simplicity itself, a swine to fit and jaw dropping in it's utter weddingy-ness

Sara's words
"Thank you all so much for my beautiful dress, I knew with Jesus in charge nothing could really go that wrong! I loved every minute of wearing it and the long veil was definetly the right choice. I had a fabulous day, really the best day of my life!"

Thanks for sharing the images - hope you have the button now ;)

Claudia Wright - guess the designer...

Here is the lovely Claudia looking the epitome of perfect minimal, understated chic. Matt satin and gazaar panels give a graphic twist to this simple silhouette and show off her petite figure beautifully

 Check out the statement back detail - I love a bow when it's bold as brass
How are we doing on the designer? Guessed the name yet? Spanish? English? Maybe American?
Well no - it's Maggie Sottero. Shocked? Don't be. Their dresses, chosen well, are some of the best. Why doesn't everyone know this I hear you ask? Hmmm - because Claudia doesn't model for them and they don't use English photography. Seeing is believing and I thank Claudia enormously for sharing some of her favourite images.

Sophie Mitchell nee Janion

If I ever need a career change Sophie just has the job I fancy. Events Manager at Moet Hennessey anyone? Now that does sound like champagne heaven. So imagine then being able to have many, many glasses of champagne and be able to fit into Suzanne Neville's Maiden and still look like a supermodel. A wee bit jealous? No me either! Sophie also happens to be very lovely and gracious - proving, Mr.Mitchell, some guys really do get all the luck!

In Sophie's words
"A belated but huge thank you for all of your friendly help, advise and professionalism with my wedding dress. A special thanks to Janet for all the last minute alterations as well! I was so pleased with the dress on the day, it really was my dream dress and it felt amazing to wear. "

"It was a pleasure coming to each of my fittings as you were all so great to deal with and were a big support. "

It really is an absolute pleasure to be able to share these images - many thanks Mr & Mrs Mitchell

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