Sunday, 31 July 2011

You and Your Wedding Shoot

I make no secret that Peta Hunt is my all time favourite bridal fashion editor. The kudos designers get from having their dresses featured is immense and fashion editors do wield a lot of power. However with Peta I really feel she has a an incredibly meritocratic approach to the dresses she calls in for shoots. I know there is a lot of pressure for magazines to feature their advertisers dresses and it really shows in some editorial pieces. With Peta I feel the dresses and designers have earned the right to be shown through inspirational design. I was delighted then to come across this video on the You and Your Wedding website featuring the woman herself at work. The Divine Decadence shoot was brilliant - I love the Dangerous Liaisons/New Romantic feel and was planning a similar shoot for Miss Bush - so now I gotta change it. Grrrrr. However I would really like to share this with you .

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