Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cymbeline Discontinuations

Cymbeline have given very advance notice of the discontinuation of some of their dresses. Elenor, Ethel, Exalto and Estella will be unavailable to order from the end of September 2011. The Miss Bush samples of Elenor and Ethel ( pretty much the same dress!)and Estella are in good condition and I will be looking to sell the samples. Exalto, formerly called Dolly is in ok condition and I will be selling the sample at a clearance price. Any bride that has these dresses on their favourites list and feel they love them so much that they couldn't get married without them would be advised to order asap. It has been known for the lace for these dresses to suddenly run out and if so the discontinuation date suddenly happens immediately.

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