Monday, 25 July 2011

Sara Jones now Mrs Peto sorry it's taken so long....

As everone knows I have been blogging for the whole of two weeks. Simply not long enough to catch up with all my brides and their lovely photos.

Sara - I include you at the top of the list. Sara is wearing one of my favourite ever dresses and you may see a couple more posts of other brides in the same dress. Jesus Peiro 165 is simplicity itself, a swine to fit and jaw dropping in it's utter weddingy-ness

Sara's words
"Thank you all so much for my beautiful dress, I knew with Jesus in charge nothing could really go that wrong! I loved every minute of wearing it and the long veil was definetly the right choice. I had a fabulous day, really the best day of my life!"

Thanks for sharing the images - hope you have the button now ;)

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