Thursday, 21 July 2011

Let them eat Cake!

Bluebell Cupcakes and  A Cup of Vintage regulary come together for weddings and what a double act they make! Nikki from Blubell and Carlie from ACof V are two of the most enthusiastic passionate girls I have ever met. Carlie is wedding obssesed (Hmm - bit like us at Miss Bush) and Nikki is THE bubbliest person in the whole word. Working with these two for your wedding would be tremendous fun and the results beautiful to look at and great to eat. Picture of thier work from our party will be posted soon - needless to say when the word was given to eat the cakes they were mobbed! It was a great debut for Ann Melhuish too - a newcomer to the cake scene she made me the most perfect bitesize canape cupcakes to my Pimms theme! Topped with tiny arrangements of Pimms fruit - even cucumber they were 'scoffed' by everyone. Working on her website she can be contaced via Miss Bush.
Bakes by Bluebell Cupcakes China by A cup of Vintage

Flowers by Bloomingayles

Pimms cananpe size cupcakes - a tiny bite of summer

Anne Melhuish

Carlie from A Cup of Vintage, Anne and myself

Flwers and cakes

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