Friday, 30 September 2011

Jesus Peiro Style 2045 - way more beautiful than a number

 Jesus Peiro's photos are rather clinical - which often suits their sharp urban lines - but I think it makes a hard background for this otherwise beatiful dress that should be set against a hazy summer's day. Very worth a try for for a upscale trust-fund traveller...

Rosa Clara Adamo has arrived and is utterly beautiful...

 Dresses are pouring in like the most glamourous Christmas ever - feast your eyes on this classic Rosa Clara - simple with luxurious use of fabrics that is second to none.

Fetcham Park - Model Miss Armstrong and Nicki Mcfarlane

I think by now that any of you, my blog audience, can sense I have a growing fondness for my Fetcham Fox collaborators. The collective noun for foxes is a 'Skulk' or a 'Leash' of foxes so I may have, in my love of alliteration, misnamed them. There isn't a skulking girl to be found and it is impossible to imagine any one of the glittering array of female artists walking to heel.

I have appropriated the term 'fox' to mean gorgeous. They, the Fetcham girls,  are! The Foxes, have a broad sweep of age and experience and ranging from novice to old hand and a gulf of difference from some that own a stately home (ok, that is just Laura obvs) to the youngsters that live with their parents (Violet - get a job!)

All the contributors to the shoot bought a calm, professional work ethic with a spark of genius and creativity that enabled us to create great pictures.

Today I am all about Carolanne Armstron MUA. (That's make-up artist to you non fashionistas!) I met her first at our 1st July Bridesmaids Boutique Launch Party. Carolanne arrived and calmly set to work on eight models, El Presidente (Gen - my Mother) and myself with no brief, no introductions and had two hours to do the work with no assistant. Impressed is an understatement.

Carolanne at work at Bush HQ

Carolanne and Gayle from Bloomingayles at Bush HQ
When the call came for the Fetcham Park Carolanne was right there. Or did she encourage the shoot? Hmm - think when you take a look at the next few images you may realise she had an ulterior motive.

Carolanne making up Chantelle at Fetcham Park

Who do you think Carolanne volunteered as a model - one Miss Violet Armstrong. Daughter and highly opinionated dress wearer.

Ladies and gentlemen - I give you the 'model daughter,' Violet, sporting a Nicki Macfarlane bridesmaid dress.


Location Fetcham Park gardens
Photography EFC Photography
Bridesmaids and Page Boy outfits by Nicki Macfarlane at Miss Bush
Silk Roses and Hair Accessories at Miss Bush
Cup Cakes Naughty but Yummy
Hair Sharon Roberts SR Wonderful Hair
Make up - oh I forget - who was it again? Don't tell me....

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fetcham Park - Unsuspecting Models

In a brief conversation with Blogger goddess Annabel (Love My Dress) this week she exclaimed she didn't know that Fetcham Park had hosted more than one shoot on the 28th August!

Blimey yes readers there was more than a couple! One of the upsides of being a novice is not knowing what you're not supposed to be able to achieve.I have previously owned up to purloining models and make up professionals for my own ends. Now ladies and gentleman I give you a 'Wedding Reporter.' Dressed to impress and as astounding to look at as she is to read.

Before I show and tell - I want to outline what first made me notice Emma Woodhouse aka @cloggins aka The Wedding Reporter.

The Wedding Reporter is Emma's nom de plume and occupation. A couple, guest or family member can engage her services to attend a wedding and write, in the most beautiful prose, a description of their day with sumptous attention to detail from the tiny touches of detail, vignettes of emotional moments to the overwhelming moods and sweeping panoramas.  I think it would make a perfect gift - particularly for a couple that already have a home and don't need any more towels or champagne flutes. (Although friends - should I ever find myself 'up the aisle' - I'd like Emma AND presents - just saying.)

Brilliant idea and gifted as she is - this was only the 2nd or maybe 3rd thing that caught my eye about Emma.

First was that she wrote for a living and called herself 'Emma Woodhouse.' In my minds eye I had characterised her as an English teacher with a Jane Austen fixation, robbing the name of the eponymous 'Emma.'Added to that I imagined her living in Chawton in a pastiche of 19th Century life befitting of a Channel 4 documentary.

Second I think I noticed she had finely tuned sense of humour - that shone through in Twitter - and she was excellent in a bout of verbal sparring.

So it was with mixed emotions that I met her sporting  21st Century clothes and claiming to live in a city. Emma is as tiny and delicate as a china doll so I felt protective rather than punchy. Recently married to Mr Woodhouse she is legally and emotionally a real Mrs Woodhouse.

I immediately remedied this impression by offering her the Miss Bush wardrobe, hair and make up service and set about finding a corner of Fetcham Park for her 'study'. Now I have a 'Cloggins' set of pictures that match my imagined 'Emma Woodhouse.'

I could be persuaded to gift the outfit...

Location & Antiques The Shell Room at Fetcham Park
Hair Sharon Roberts SRWonderful Hair
Make Up Carolanne Armstrong
Dress Vintage Cymbeline at Miss Bush
Headpiece Cherished Vintage at Miss Bush
Photography EFC Photography
Model Emma Woodhouse The Wedding Reporter 

Friday, 23 September 2011

Rosa Clara Adorno has arrived. Formal and fabulous

This dress has just landed from Barcelona. It was designed BEFORE the Royal Wedding - just so you know and is a classic Rosa Clara creation. Beautiful fabrics, as light as air whilst impeccablly cut and structured.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fetcham Park Shoot - Unexpected Models #1

In my previous blog post about Fetcham Park - the one where I stole Tigerlily's model - I found myself having to apologise to Penny - el presidente of Tigerlily -  for appropriating an idle model. If I may just add, by way of justification,  the underwear shots of Gemma are now on What Katie Did's Facebook competition for 'Pin Up of the Month' contest. Not an excuse for bad behaviour though....

I now have a second admission. I stole Penny's make up artist, Ariane, to use as a model as well.

Now before I blacklist myself from any shoot ever again  and gain the reputation of the 'cat burgler' of the bridal world I would like to point out the following extenuating circumstances.

1. I am new to shoots and photographic protocol
2. Ariane looked cool and had whipped up a cute hairdo
3. She really, really wanted to try a dress on
4.I really, really wanted to get some shots of this Jesus Peiro dress that I love

So that's ok then - in the name of art and gorgeousness am I excused?

I would just like to mention if you are handy with a brush, dexterous with sponge and can work a fine liner isn't it a little unfair you already have the fine features of the gorgeous Ariane? Just saying...

Credits & Humblest Apologies

Model Ariane - MUA for Tigerlily
Hair & Make Up - Model's Own
Dress -  Jesus Peiro  at Miss Bush
Location - Salon at Fetcham Park
Photography - EFC Photography

Friday, 16 September 2011

Alada has arrived. First new Rosa Clara 2012 in store today

Rosa Clara have saved the day. The Miss Bush Blog was just about to turn into a Jenny Packham tribute site when suddenly this beauty arrives from Spain. 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Fetcham Park and how Gemma doesn't wear Jenny Packham's Foxglove

This is a strange set of photos to start with. Beautiful but entirely consistent with the spirit of the shoot - both it's glorious aspects and it's downright naivete.

So picture the day - we have two shoots taking place. Tigerlily and Eddie Judd are working together to create a beautiful editorial piece featuring Jenny Packham's new 2012 collection the grounds. The Fetcham Park owners, led by Laura are organising a marketing shoot using models and their launch partners - caterers, florists, car hire etc to create images to promote the launch event. This is being shot by EFC. Great plan. Fantastic. What could possibly go wrong?

Actually nothing terrible but I keep laughing to myself about the following photos. Gemma, the model, is one of my daughters friends. I have used her before to promote bridesmaids dresses. What in the name of the Lord is she doing here rocking some What Katie Did lingerie looking all the world like a Primrose Hill set rock chick.

The straight answer is who knows. I am laughing and slightly embarrassed and keep asking myself the following questions

Q. You don't sell lingerie so what the bloody hell were you  thinking about?

A. I love the What Katie Did faux vintage pieces especially in peach. I loved them since I saw their pop-up shop at Goodwood Revival. I can't possibly fit into it myself but I love the thought this is what one should be wearing under one's wedding dress. Also I think I got slightly power crazed - I phoned WKD to see if they would loan for editorial. They would - this was the Thursday before the shoot. I knew Laura was in London so I phoned her mid meeting with Emma Woodhouse aka The Wedding Reporter to shoot over to Portobello Road and collect press pieces. Laura did - bless her. And I'd just seen them in Elle.

Q. Miss Bush does sell Jenny Packham. So, why, when they kindly lend you Foxglove, the new version of 'Clare',  did you leave it hanging on the mirror?

A. Urm - cos I stole the dress and Gemma out of Tigerlily's hair and make up room, there wasn't really a plan.

Q. You stole somebodies model?

A. Yep -that doesn't look good written - but she was between dresses and she looked so amazing I thought I could sneak a few shots in.

Q. Is there anything in these shots one can buy from Miss Bush?

A. The shoes - Benjamin Adams - Charlize and the Sasso feather jacket. (Phew)

Gemma in the Salon at Fetcham Park

Jenny Packham Foxglove. The fresh reworking of the iconic Clare.

Then when no one had shouted at me or told me off I asked Gemma if she minded going outside!

Make up by Arianne

Benjamin Adams Charlize . Get in - I have actually got this in stock!

Thanks and apologies.

Thank you Penny from Tigerlily for forgiving my breech of shoot etiquette and stealing your model. Thanks to Gemma for agreeing to be photographed in a Bullet bra.
Apologies to Vintage car Hire for not showing any petrol head detail - it's lovely and shiney and glam though - I think it might be a Bentley.


Location Interior and Exterior of Fetcham Park, Surrey
Photography EFC Photography
Model Gemma at Miss Bush
Feather Jacket Sasso at Miss Bush
Shoes Benjamin Adams at Miss Bush
Dress Jenny Packham Foxglove at Miss Bush
Make Up Arianne for Tigerly
Car David Jones at Classic and Vintage Car Hire
Gemma styled by Tigerlily
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