Thursday, 15 September 2011

Fetcham Park and how Gemma doesn't wear Jenny Packham's Foxglove

This is a strange set of photos to start with. Beautiful but entirely consistent with the spirit of the shoot - both it's glorious aspects and it's downright naivete.

So picture the day - we have two shoots taking place. Tigerlily and Eddie Judd are working together to create a beautiful editorial piece featuring Jenny Packham's new 2012 collection the grounds. The Fetcham Park owners, led by Laura are organising a marketing shoot using models and their launch partners - caterers, florists, car hire etc to create images to promote the launch event. This is being shot by EFC. Great plan. Fantastic. What could possibly go wrong?

Actually nothing terrible but I keep laughing to myself about the following photos. Gemma, the model, is one of my daughters friends. I have used her before to promote bridesmaids dresses. What in the name of the Lord is she doing here rocking some What Katie Did lingerie looking all the world like a Primrose Hill set rock chick.

The straight answer is who knows. I am laughing and slightly embarrassed and keep asking myself the following questions

Q. You don't sell lingerie so what the bloody hell were you  thinking about?

A. I love the What Katie Did faux vintage pieces especially in peach. I loved them since I saw their pop-up shop at Goodwood Revival. I can't possibly fit into it myself but I love the thought this is what one should be wearing under one's wedding dress. Also I think I got slightly power crazed - I phoned WKD to see if they would loan for editorial. They would - this was the Thursday before the shoot. I knew Laura was in London so I phoned her mid meeting with Emma Woodhouse aka The Wedding Reporter to shoot over to Portobello Road and collect press pieces. Laura did - bless her. And I'd just seen them in Elle.

Q. Miss Bush does sell Jenny Packham. So, why, when they kindly lend you Foxglove, the new version of 'Clare',  did you leave it hanging on the mirror?

A. Urm - cos I stole the dress and Gemma out of Tigerlily's hair and make up room, there wasn't really a plan.

Q. You stole somebodies model?

A. Yep -that doesn't look good written - but she was between dresses and she looked so amazing I thought I could sneak a few shots in.

Q. Is there anything in these shots one can buy from Miss Bush?

A. The shoes - Benjamin Adams - Charlize and the Sasso feather jacket. (Phew)

Gemma in the Salon at Fetcham Park

Jenny Packham Foxglove. The fresh reworking of the iconic Clare.

Then when no one had shouted at me or told me off I asked Gemma if she minded going outside!

Make up by Arianne

Benjamin Adams Charlize . Get in - I have actually got this in stock!

Thanks and apologies.

Thank you Penny from Tigerlily for forgiving my breech of shoot etiquette and stealing your model. Thanks to Gemma for agreeing to be photographed in a Bullet bra.
Apologies to Vintage car Hire for not showing any petrol head detail - it's lovely and shiney and glam though - I think it might be a Bentley.


Location Interior and Exterior of Fetcham Park, Surrey
Photography EFC Photography
Model Gemma at Miss Bush
Feather Jacket Sasso at Miss Bush
Shoes Benjamin Adams at Miss Bush
Dress Jenny Packham Foxglove at Miss Bush
Make Up Arianne for Tigerly
Car David Jones at Classic and Vintage Car Hire
Gemma styled by Tigerlily

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