Sunday, 4 September 2011

Helen Hawksfield in Cymbeline's Elenor/Ethel

One of the vaguely irritating aspects of being a Retail Blogger - (oooh get me!) is the slight time lag between weddings and getting my paws on the pictures! Now bless Helen  - she has been very rapid at getting her fabulous pictures to me and is a poster girl for Miss Bush if ever I saw one. BUT - and it is a big BUT  - if you want this dress you have precisely three weeks to order it. Bless Cymbeline - I love them and their quirky gallic ways but when they mean a dress is going they mean gone! Literally you are counting down the metres of dentelle until there is no more. Rien! So Elenor/Ethel - (they look exactly the same except one has a marginally larger train - never sure which way round it is) is being replaced by a new varient but in my opinion not so good.

Enjoy the pictures of Helen, a classic English rose, charming in more than one design classic!

Helen getting ready at a beautiful vintage dressing table - headdress - Eve by Polly Edwards
The dress is made from a Chantilly lace - a Cymbeline speciality
The sash has been customed made at Miss Bush and Helen's own brooch added
I love this photo - a picture of excitement with a touch of nerves. How beautiful?
My newsest obsession - cool MOB outfits... Love Mrs H's dress
Details, details - I'm getting better! Blue & lavender shades permeate the whole day
I really like the Chocolate Tortes balancing on vases - inspired!
Did nobody tell Helen that Bridesmaids weren't supposed to look this good?
Best Bridesmaids back view since P-Middy - I think I spy these are Twobirds!

Can I dance in it? Yes very easily and gracefully it would appear.

The other design classic - an E-Type Jag - swoon
The new Mr & Mrs Wedgewood
A million thanks to Helen for sharing these incredible images of her wedding and her kind words...

"I dropped off a card  couple of weeks ago but wanted to send you the link to our photos. There are so many it's hard to choose one to send you which shows the dress in all its glory - I've attached one here which is when I've just got dressed, but also if you follow the instructions to the website below you can see all the photos and can download any you want hi-res if you'd like to (our photographer was amazing). We had the most fantastic wedding and I wanted to thank you for making the day for me as I've never felt so comfortable wearing a dress and I really did feel a million dollars all day! I ate, drank and danced as much as I wanted and still it looked perfect! Simon couldn't believe his luck. "

The photographer is Toby Lockerbie who I may add has made my job really easyby making the images simple to download - many thanks Toby! 

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