Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fetcham Park - Unsuspecting Models

In a brief conversation with Blogger goddess Annabel (Love My Dress) this week she exclaimed she didn't know that Fetcham Park had hosted more than one shoot on the 28th August!

Blimey yes readers there was more than a couple! One of the upsides of being a novice is not knowing what you're not supposed to be able to achieve.I have previously owned up to purloining models and make up professionals for my own ends. Now ladies and gentleman I give you a 'Wedding Reporter.' Dressed to impress and as astounding to look at as she is to read.

Before I show and tell - I want to outline what first made me notice Emma Woodhouse aka @cloggins aka The Wedding Reporter.

The Wedding Reporter is Emma's nom de plume and occupation. A couple, guest or family member can engage her services to attend a wedding and write, in the most beautiful prose, a description of their day with sumptous attention to detail from the tiny touches of detail, vignettes of emotional moments to the overwhelming moods and sweeping panoramas.  I think it would make a perfect gift - particularly for a couple that already have a home and don't need any more towels or champagne flutes. (Although friends - should I ever find myself 'up the aisle' - I'd like Emma AND presents - just saying.)

Brilliant idea and gifted as she is - this was only the 2nd or maybe 3rd thing that caught my eye about Emma.

First was that she wrote for a living and called herself 'Emma Woodhouse.' In my minds eye I had characterised her as an English teacher with a Jane Austen fixation, robbing the name of the eponymous 'Emma.'Added to that I imagined her living in Chawton in a pastiche of 19th Century life befitting of a Channel 4 documentary.

Second I think I noticed she had finely tuned sense of humour - that shone through in Twitter - and she was excellent in a bout of verbal sparring.

So it was with mixed emotions that I met her sporting  21st Century clothes and claiming to live in a city. Emma is as tiny and delicate as a china doll so I felt protective rather than punchy. Recently married to Mr Woodhouse she is legally and emotionally a real Mrs Woodhouse.

I immediately remedied this impression by offering her the Miss Bush wardrobe, hair and make up service and set about finding a corner of Fetcham Park for her 'study'. Now I have a 'Cloggins' set of pictures that match my imagined 'Emma Woodhouse.'

I could be persuaded to gift the outfit...

Location & Antiques The Shell Room at Fetcham Park
Hair Sharon Roberts SRWonderful Hair
Make Up Carolanne Armstrong
Dress Vintage Cymbeline at Miss Bush
Headpiece Cherished Vintage at Miss Bush
Photography EFC Photography
Model Emma Woodhouse The Wedding Reporter 


  1. Thank you so much for this excellent write-up and for cajoling me into joining in and to all the Foxes for making it so terribly glamourous. For a girl who spends most of the time with her nose in a book or typing solitarily at her computer, this was indeed a privileged day out for me! xxx

  2. There is something so very special about these images.

    So special.


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