Friday, 16 September 2011

Alada has arrived. First new Rosa Clara 2012 in store today

Rosa Clara have saved the day. The Miss Bush Blog was just about to turn into a Jenny Packham tribute site when suddenly this beauty arrives from Spain. 


  1. Gorgeous! What other dresses from RC will you be bringing? Would love to visit your store October 1st.

  2. Hello Miss Swan - would love to see you on the ist - can you drop your details to me - with your wedding date and Mobile number and a time you would prefer and I will book you in. I will then send you a list and picture of our Rosa Clara dresses. x x x

  3. Hi,
    Unfortunately I wrote to the address you supplied twice and also to the requests address provided here and received no reply. Would've really loved to be able to visit your store this weekend.

  4. I'll look into this immediately and reply today!


  5. The lovely Amy has found your email as there is a space at 4pm on Saturday reserved for you. You should receive an email soon. x


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