Monday, 5 September 2011

Susan in Siena. Rosa Clara's Enero modelled to perfection

In Bridalwear reputation is everything. This means employing the right people and buying collections from Designers and Manufacturers that not only design beautifully but also hit crucial deadlines month after month, year after year. Blessed are we that all our suppliers are brilliant and nothing goes wrong ever. Blessed are we that all our suppliers are brilliant and usually nothing goes wrong ever!

Susan Shakinovsky - angelic, calm, serene Susan  - could testify, that,  for no good reason sometimes, the best laid plans go astray! Susan's Rosa Clara dress was ordered at the appropriate time and was confirmed with an order reference by their Spanish HQ. Rosa Clara mainline collection is made in Barcelona, they are faultless on delivery, file the order and wait for it to arrive. That was the plan!

Ah - but when it was slightly late - an email quoting the order reference was sent to Rosa Clara.( Here is when, in my mind, the lovely Alba who deals with our orders smacks their equivalent of Fawlty Towers Manuel round the head with a tray exclaiming loudly that he's from Barcelona!)  a flurry of emails and a 2nd order confirmation is is issued with delivery in June - instead of April! Now one of the downsides of being mouthy me is that when news like this has to be delivered guess who gets the gig? To add to this debacle two further delivery deadlines got missed and finally when the dress was dispatched - usually air freight - on this occasion an unnamed employee sent the dress, seemingly, by handcart. Susan and I were tracking it's progress through France on a daily basis!

As the cliche goes - all's well that ends well. The following photos testify that the dress was worth the wait. I for one want to thank Susan for her forbearance and general all round goodness. She didn't shout, she didn't scream at me -good karma prevailed. I need a fluent Spanish speaker to pick up the phone to Rosa Clara and ask them what went wrong. I suspect is was simply human error. It can happen - rarely.

Publicly, a million apologies Susan for dragging you out of London in the evening for fittings. Matt is a very, very lucky man to have such beautiful wife - sweet, funny, clever and saintly!!

Susan and her Mother in Dress 1 - not Miss Bush but elegantly simple for the legal ceremony

How cute is the Fiat 500

 The most perfect alfresco dining...

Loving the amount of wine glasses!

Father of the Bride and the deeply glam Mrs S - another winning MOB!

The golden glow of the setting sun is just magical...

Susan - waiting for hair and make up at Villa Catignano, Siena, Italy

Mrs Shakinovsky - elegant as ever

Ah - the gene pool! Mother and daughter look amazing

I love the matching parasol

I am feeling the Italian air and the scent of lemons....

Ahhh - I just love these photos!

The food looks incredible

Delicately done...

I can't wait to see the film of this - I want to know the song!

Many, many thanks to Susan and Matt, the new Mr & Mrs Wilkins for sharing these stunning images. Apologies to the British wedding venues if there is a sudden exodus to Italy....

Wedding Planner Raffaella  Alflatt

Photography Gareth Davies

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  1. Great Make-Up artist Frey-ja Barker managed to keep the ladies looking radiant despite 33°C heat..! The girl ROCKS.



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