Monday, 12 September 2011

Natasha Bevington in Jenny Packham's Crystal

Lovely, gorgeous, elegant Natasha was very keen on Jenny Packham from the very first appointment. Now it is a widely held belief that only the super-skinny and the super-tall can work this style of dress. Whilst it  seems a really backhanded compliment, if a compliment at all,  the fact is Tash  is reassuringly normal!  There is no corsettry, no boning, no Spanx or corrective underwear just a fabulous natural shape - as light as air and wearable until 5am in the morning. Or so I've been told by Tash. No documentary evidence is available to substantiate this claim - or non that I've discovered. So far!!
Beautiful signature beading from Jenny Packham

Benjamin Adams at Miss Bush

Pure silk rose from Miss Bush

Nobody seems to be getting the memo that bridesmaids aren't supposed to look this good

A few words from Natasha
I got married on Friday 6th May 2011 at Northbrook Park in Farnham, and you were all absolutely amazing with the advice, time and expertise to find me my perfect wedding dress – thank you so much!  I had the Jenny Packham Crystal and absolutely loved it….as proved that I didn’t take it off til 5am the next morning!
A few words from me. I didn't know exactly what Tash did for a living when we busily obsessing about dresses - I vaguely remember it was PR and Event-ish!!! As it happens, along with her husband, Natasha runs an event planning business. Now you do not need to be Elton John to engage a planner - their service can be thorough as being with you from Day 1 or simply providing an on-the-day management service. As she was thoroughly charming, down to earth and very organised I have no hesitation in recommending her services. I even have a very lovely bespoke document to add at this point ------------- except I still haven't learnt how to add a pdf file into Blogger. Doh! As and when I do I will. In the meantime please click the link below or their sponsorship icon on the right to see more.

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