Friday, 30 September 2011

Fetcham Park - Model Miss Armstrong and Nicki Mcfarlane

I think by now that any of you, my blog audience, can sense I have a growing fondness for my Fetcham Fox collaborators. The collective noun for foxes is a 'Skulk' or a 'Leash' of foxes so I may have, in my love of alliteration, misnamed them. There isn't a skulking girl to be found and it is impossible to imagine any one of the glittering array of female artists walking to heel.

I have appropriated the term 'fox' to mean gorgeous. They, the Fetcham girls,  are! The Foxes, have a broad sweep of age and experience and ranging from novice to old hand and a gulf of difference from some that own a stately home (ok, that is just Laura obvs) to the youngsters that live with their parents (Violet - get a job!)

All the contributors to the shoot bought a calm, professional work ethic with a spark of genius and creativity that enabled us to create great pictures.

Today I am all about Carolanne Armstron MUA. (That's make-up artist to you non fashionistas!) I met her first at our 1st July Bridesmaids Boutique Launch Party. Carolanne arrived and calmly set to work on eight models, El Presidente (Gen - my Mother) and myself with no brief, no introductions and had two hours to do the work with no assistant. Impressed is an understatement.

Carolanne at work at Bush HQ

Carolanne and Gayle from Bloomingayles at Bush HQ
When the call came for the Fetcham Park Carolanne was right there. Or did she encourage the shoot? Hmm - think when you take a look at the next few images you may realise she had an ulterior motive.

Carolanne making up Chantelle at Fetcham Park

Who do you think Carolanne volunteered as a model - one Miss Violet Armstrong. Daughter and highly opinionated dress wearer.

Ladies and gentlemen - I give you the 'model daughter,' Violet, sporting a Nicki Macfarlane bridesmaid dress.


Location Fetcham Park gardens
Photography EFC Photography
Bridesmaids and Page Boy outfits by Nicki Macfarlane at Miss Bush
Silk Roses and Hair Accessories at Miss Bush
Cup Cakes Naughty but Yummy
Hair Sharon Roberts SR Wonderful Hair
Make up - oh I forget - who was it again? Don't tell me....

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