Thursday, 29 March 2012

Shed to Wed - more food than diet this week...

This week my attempts at diet and exercise have been futile owing to the giant Postcard from New York project that has been happening at Miss Bush HQ. However at Weight Watchers weigh in a magnificent 2 and a half pounds were lost. Whether this is due to atrophying muscle from not having run for a week or my nerves been stretched to pinging point I don't know. I will accept this weight loss as a pat on the back for 18 hour working days.


Week 7 Stats
Bust 441/2"
Waist 361/4
Hips 411/4
Weighing in at 12 stone 12and a half pounds

Week 8 Stats

About the same - the scales say about 12st 10lbs the measurements are the same more or less. I have run, trained but am tired and sleep deprived with a spin cycle for a brain.

Week 9

Official weigh in at 12st 10lbs so 2.5 pounds lost 'officially'

Person or persons that have  been feeding me unbelievably calorie free (not) lovely yummy food include :-

Ayca from Naughty but Yummy. Ayca saved my bacon with masses of cupcakes provided at a moments notice. Ayca, pronounced aitcha,  is the most bubbly wedding enthusiast I have come across. An extemely gifted cake maker she also created the cute New York themed cookies for the goody bags. I can report that the cupcakes in lemon and vanilla were indeed 'yummy'. No idea what the biscuits were like as they were all snaffled before I had time to try one. I can only take this as whole hearted approval. Naughty but Yummy, given more than two days notice can provide all sorts of tempting tiny gorgeousness. The mini cheesecakes take some beating. Are we beginning to see why I am not naturally slim...

Further temptation came from Creative Candi . Lovely Sarah spent more time on her knees with hygiene gloves than I have ever seen anyone do- short of birth or a Brazilian. I know it's one of those wedding services that you think you don't need. Or you can do it yourself - then people think that about running a wedding dress shop. The key skill that Miss Bush's partners have for an event like the Postcard from New York is that they are genius in their niche. They must be glamorous but make their skill look effortless. As a bride you really don't want a sweaty-faced panicker providing a service for you. You want discreet professionalism. All the Creative Candi's labels were custom made to match our mood boards, the sweets were arranged with a precision that would drive me mad. Even the spoons and sweetie bags were on message. It was so beautiful that guests were reticent to tuck in. That soon faded with the green light to load up their striped swag bags - the same way your guests would find this fun. All I can say is that is a good job that there were no chocolate mice or Jazzles or the diet story woould be very different...

Not on show but stashed in the Miss Bush Chapel was the crew food. One of The Lovely Marshy's oldest friends Kim runs a cafe in Woking and provided the kind of food that you can wolf down. Haylees Lunchbox provided sarnies, samosas, bits of stuff in breadcrumbs, wraps, sausages... It was heavenly and vanished as the teams of models, make up artists, hairdressers, dressers, seamstresses worked all day to get the fashion show perfect and inspiring. There were also New York cabbies, DJs and assorted helpers milling all day... an army marching on it's very slender and well toned stomach.

And what of the demon drink? I had first made the acquainance of Tom from Shaken and Stirred at the launch of Parallel Venues Fetcham Park and as a new girl to event planning I was really impressed with how the bar was run and the utter drinkabilty of the cocktails - I consider myself a keen amateur. The weather angels were definitely watching over us - although Shaken and Stirred were prepared for bad weather we had glorious sunshine on the 23rd March. Their alfesco bar was perfect - and Stressfree Hire added last minute outdoor lighting.

All that remains for me to find for my next event is wedding caterers that would like to promote themselves to brides and the media. In the interim there is Waitrose terribly efficient canape service. They were also good enough to add an emergency dozen bottles of Prosecco to my order - I knew we'd need fuel for the after-party.

All photos by the very fabulous Juliet McKee

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Shed to Wed

Miss Bush is holding an in store event tomorrow - a massive, giant, alien invader of a do that is creeping like bindweed and overwhelming every other activity whether domestic or work related.

One of the most or least appealing aspects of my personality, depending what one is hoping for, is that  a project will receive my full attention . If  I do a project I compete, I take part fully, my mind is utterly engaged. My family are pointing at open, empty fridges and enquiring as the the exact location of their pants - whilst I am wondering whether Wiz Khalifa's Parental Advisory sticker lyrics are suitable for Mother of the Bride ears and whether kd lang and Elvis are bridal style icons.

This is my brain at this very second....

So the diet? Well I missed Weight Watchers due to model fittings. My amazing team of models are genetically blessed. I feel I am committing a crime against the sisterhood, further promoting the beauty myth and the cult of youth but they are just so lovely. Even at their age I never had the bodies they do.

Interestingly though the odd breakout, a slight pound in weight added beyond their friend traumatises them as much as three stone and a face full of crow's feet. Again lovely girls of all ages and sizes enjoy and marvel at the body you have. I think, just as  babies are small and cute, doe eyed, long limbed teenagers look good in clothes. Plus - as an added benefit - they love to dress up and will work for Topshop vouchers.

So the Stats???

Week 7 Stats
Bust 441/2"
Waist 361/4
Hips 411/4
Weighing in at 12 stone 12and a half pounds

Week 8 Stats

About the same - the scales say about 12st 10lbs the measurements are the same more or less. I have run, trained but am tired and sleep deprived with a spin cycle for a brain.

Next week the focus is back, the clocks change. Light mornings and evenings are going to melt away the excuses for not running daily and I shall intimidate the kids off the the Send Municipal tennis courts. The work/life balance will be addressed if not achieved!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Postcard from New York

Three days to go until our JLM Fashion show and cocktail party. It is shaping up to be gorgeous although there is a certain amount of  eleventh hour aspects about the models fittings and the catwalk dresses. Frankly it's going to be a bit squeaky. The difficulty in showing brand new, straight-from-the trade-show dresses is that everyone wants them.

As we speak Karl, our agent for JLM Couture is criss crossing the country with the catwalk dresses. He will arrive to us on Friday morning, the models arrive midday and 'you' the brides to be, press and bloggers at 6pm. I am comforting myself that all the best fashion shows run slightly late - the predicted 7.30 pm start may wander by a minute or so but I have two floors filled with music, cocktails and fabulous inspiration that no one will notice.

 Who are these fabulous contributors?

Juliet McKee and her team will be papping you of course whilst you marvel at audacious arrangements from the flash mob florist that is Gayle from Bloomingayles and Bloom Ripley. Music from Matt Maurice as you sip New York classics from Shaken and Stirred .

Lisa Baker from Just Bespoke will have magically transformed the shop along with Stressfree Hire. Bush HQ has been stripped - in fact I have a pile of chaise longues, shabby chic display cases, a few gigantic birdcages and several dress bags of indeterminate fillings creeping into my family room at home. It's amazing how shabby chic just looks a bit knackered out of the context of a 16th Century shop or a Victorian Chapel.

There will be canapes, cupcakes from Bluebell, biscuits from Naughty but Yummy, and a sweet buffet from Creative Candi  Just typing those words has added pounds...

Janet Mohapi Banks has created a cake called Tara for the occasion the significance of which will be revealed. Via Janet I have become acquainted with New York based artist Astrid Mueller who has created original artworks and cake toppers for the show - I have had a peek and I'm in love!

Through various levels of arm twisting, pleading, begging and general cheekiness Lisa and I have also  managed to secure contributions from uber sexy florists By Appointment Only Design - although not flowers! Wait and see... The gorgeous living saint that is Paul Antonio is providing his unique calligraphy skills. Paul can seduce you by just writing your name - adolescent boys take note! Click here to fall in love

The lovely Helen and Dom from Cutture are customising stationary for Lisa's tablescapes. ( I know - who knew they were called that - but basically if you need wedding table inspiration this is what is's called in the Wedding Planing  trade! No table confetti for us....)

Also by the magic of Twitter I have got contributions from Ribbons and Tulle and Faerie Wishes - I kid you not! There is an army of crafters in the UK that I had no idea about.  I saw this bouquet on Etsy and it couldn't be shipped to the UK - I Tweeted this picture and got offers from both Ribbons and Tulle and Faerie Wishes to make me on - what's a spoilt girl to do but say yes...

The original link to the artist who created this

Hair and make up for the daytime shoot is being provided by Sharon Roberts and Carolanne Armstrong and I hope they can be persuaded to apply some magic to Senior Bush, Gen and I.

The catwalk hair and make up is being provided by In Parlour . I have only recently met Amanda Harrington, owner of this amazing beauty company, however I have seen her work and that of her team on many of my brides. In Parlour's team have just finished the Fashion Week rounds and will be bringing high fashion inspiration into the catwalk show.

Miss Bush bride Charlotte Elmer wearing Maggie Sottero Geneva - hair and make up by In Parlour.

As soon as I hit publish I know I will remember the contributors I haven't mentioned because my morning brain is just waking up.

I think we are close to capacity for the show - numbers are being finalised today but if three hours of drink, glamour and gossip appeals and you are free this Friday - give me a call today at Miss Bush 01483 222815 and I will do my best to secure you tickets.

See I knew the minute I published it would be clear - as I put the link in Twitter up popped Polly Edwards! Polly has been comissioned to make some special headpieces reflecting the themes and colours of our event. Polly will also be at the event, assisting with styling and displaying her work.

I am telling myself off righ know for the lack of proper credits - I am ashamed of myself. Naughty Miss Bush...

Photo by Mark Bothwell

Friday, 16 March 2012

Shed to Wed - A day late!

As I wrote last weeks post I was nursing a monumental hangover afrom The Savoy/Movida Temple Gregory night out. I had, however lost a couple of unofficial pounds (weight watchers versus cocktail party - no contest/no weigh in!)

This week , after a week of buying trips and no exercise - guess what? I gained half a pound officially! Unofficially more like two....

Link Week 7 - a random search for 7" singles elicited this on colour message metal marvel..if you love Spinal Tap you must click to this link ....
It includes the lyric " Before you see the light you must die" what's the word?  Rofl....

So scientific proof, even if you watch what you eat and a lot of it is on sticks, if you drink everyday and don't run you put on weight. Pleased to have been able to officially document this via Chilli Mojitos and Asian Sharing Platters

Starting Stats
Bust 47"
Waist 40"
Hips 43"
Weighing in at 13 stone 6lbs

Week 7 Stats
Bust 441/2"
Waist 361/4
Hips 411/4
Weighing in at 12 stone 12and a half pounds

Girls under 40 - take note. Until this last week I have been a virtual saint. Go into your 40's trim because every extra pound you put on talkes forever to lose. I could drop half a stone in a week with the black coffee and Marlboro Light method in my 20s.

Bush Telegraph

In the words of The Wombats, 'I just had the craziest week.'

Since my last update I literally have been up and down the country  and on and off the computer in a whirl of buying, networking, partying and plotting.

Wednesday last week was the rather fabulous Temple Gregory party at The Savoy - here is a photo I whipped off the ever reliable Annabel from Love My Dress that shows, from left to right
Ace wedding and fashion photographer Chanelle Segerius Bruce, Parallel Venues boss lady and general all round good egg Laura Caudery, me!!!, Annabel from Love My Dress and cool as you like brilliant wedding photographer Kirsten Mavric. One day I might grow up and learn a proper corporate 'face' pose for shots like this.

Full Story and credits

Sunday, bright and early, The Lovely Marshy and I were Harrogate bound for BBEH - The British Bridal Exhibition Harrogate to explain the initials.

Years ago this, and it's September counterpart, were the highlight of the bridal calender year. Arranged over several exhibition halls and in numerous hotels suites everyone who was anyone was showing or buying. One particularly splendid year I attended three consecutive black tie parties - You and Your Wedding held a ball in a castle, Brides held their annual 'A list' defining dinner at Rudding Park and the RBA held an awards event filling The Majestic Hotel's entire multi-football pitch ballrooms.

I am certain that it is not simply my years in the bridalwear industry that makes ambivalent about this trade show. The event has been abandoned by the British based couture industry partly because of cost but largely because the format has never changed and frankly it just looks unfashionable. This year the beautiful spa town of Harrogate looked down at heel. Prime site retail outlets are vacant, the hotel I stayed in was simply rubbish. The imposing Majestic was empty and rattling and whilst I enjoyed an evening there as a guest of Maggie Sottero the food was chain pub in standard.

The Spanish bridal industry holds their trade show in Barcelona. Noviaespania is not ideal either but sheer design brilliance sweeps out of the industrial behemoths and the cool and quirky labels. One simply doesn't see stand after stand of chemical ridden polyester identikit wedding dresses. As an aside it is also quicker door to door to fly to Barcelona, fares are cheaper by far and the lovely Jesus Peiro install us in a fabulous hotel on the Avinguda Diagonal in the glorious heart of the city.

As a multi brand shop, with a determination to keep a democratic eye and a range of price points, the trip to Harrogate becomes unavoidable.

There were highlights that will be of utter delight to bride to be in 2013

Maggie Sottero showed 60 dresses of which I bought nine well edited Miss Bush favourites - slim lace and chiffon that have their fabulous figure enhancing corset with none of their meringue tendencies. Cameras are a no-no in their suite so no photos but think Presca Marie or Erin.

Lou Lou continued to develop thier cute long ballerina 50s style with great cuts and classic styling. More dresses, like the one below, are due in to Miss Bush in July all retaining at less than £1000

Photo by Juliet McKee

My favourite US squeeze JLM  Couture showed their Spring 2012 collection- the  sleek urban bridesmaids and lace wedding dresses being my favourites,

Now you see how bad my camera/photography is you can see why I should be accompanied at all times by a pro...
Another gem of the show and a new buy for Miss Bush was the label Anouska G. Located directly opposite the JLM stand I was immediately transfixed. A selection of vintage pink and ivory beaded babies will be arriving at Miss Bush soon. A trunk show beckons... 
I had this in mind for Annabel
A whizz past the Paradox London stand revealed a possible couple of new pairs of shoes for Kat

One of the carrots that the organisers of BBEH use to get retailers and buyers to the March show is an awards ceremony. It works - it gets buyers there. It is awash with politics as are all awards ceremonies but it's great to get to rock some frocks.
The Lovely Marshy and I made a rather unorthodox 'late' entrance and caught up with designers, friends and industry colleagues.
To adopt the lottery phrase you have to be 'in it to win it'  - and Miss Bush didn't enter. However that didn't stop us grabbing some awards and winners ...
Jo Kent of Something Blue Public Relations not strictly a winner on the night but blimmin lovely generally

Chenca Williams- daughter and partner of Ritva Westenius, deserving winners of Best British Designer. I promise this is loving cuddle not an act of aggression....

The Lovely Marshy with his award for Long Suffering Services to Miss Bush

Arguably the two best things in Harrogate - a Chilli Mojito from The Bar and Grill and The Lovely Marshy
One ot best aspects of  Harrogate. was meeting up with Twitter friends in real life over bubbles. Hello and waving to  Alison from Perfect Bridal Rooms in Aberdeen, Ellie Sanderson,  the team from The Bride in St Albans, the team from The White Room in Minchinhampton, Hayley from The Harrogate Wedding Lounge, Sam from Mamfii - if I have missed anyone blame the mojitos.
Whilst I clearly am not magnanimous enough to link their website to my blog - the bonhomie and conversations have  been enlightening and encouraging. i look forward to meeting up again soon xxx
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