Sunday, 4 March 2012

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Invitations for the Postcard From New York party and fashion show have been sent out to the press and brides to be will be delighted to know that magazine editors and blog stars will be amongst the guests. I am a little bit thrilled about this but it does add a little to the pressure of making the event inspiring.

One contributor that I know will contribute hugely to the visual impression of the JLM Couture event is  Stressfree Hire. I met this company for the first time at the Designer Wedding Show as I stood gawking at their stand like a simpleton. As I gazed at all their amazing work I suddenly realised that all venues get help. Simple huh? I mean,  I should know that right? I have recently admitted to all and sundry that while I know an encyclopaedic amount about dresses what I know about wedding planning could fit...

on a postage stamp! Picture credit
I have swiped the next images from their website but have a look for yourself.

What can be achieved by using a company like Stressfree is  that much yearned for 'WOW' factor. Stressfree have a million tricks up their very capacious sleeves and I can't wait to see how Miss Bush HQ gets transformed by them. It is brilliant opportunity for me to be more informed - so I can be more of a wedding resource to my brides. It will also be great for brides to be to see what amazing professionals can achieve with their years of expertise!

In other Miss Bush news this week - one of my Shed to Wed posts was picked up by Annabel from Love My Dress. I love that this has struck so many chords with women and I have loved getting the feedback form the much greater readership from Annabel's blog.

The glamorous face of the business of wedding dress retailing is evident in the upcoming meetings for the week. Tomorrow is quite flowery...lunch with Gayle from Bloomingayles, Steph from Fairynuff Flowers and I am meeting a new florist (bought to my attention by Laura Caudery of Parallel Venues - who actually is a wedding geek and knows everyone and everything!!) Gayle and Steph are two of my absolute favourite florists - they don't pay me to say this by the way. And I've just swiped the pictures without permission. I would  will have them both for my wedding. I wonder if succulents will still be 'in' then? Knowing my luck Gerberas will be making a comeback *shudder*...

In the meantime I will have to content myself with them providing flora and fauna for the Postcard From New York party. Joining Gayle and Steph at the Postcard From New York event is Ripley based florist Clare Goddard whose company Bloom Ripley have several Miss Bush weddings under their belt! Below I have included a couple of photos of Sarah Meade, a Miss Bush bride, photographed by rising star Ed Peers. Clare was the florist for this wedding which has featured on the Miss Bush blog AND on Love My Dress follow the link for the full story!

Gayle gets lots of requests for unusual press and styled shoot commissions Photo Copyright Eliza Clare

Boris - Gayle's famous flowery skull has appeared on a very cool blog post on Rock n Roll Bride this week. Photo Copyright is Assassynation. Read the whole article -
Photo's swiped from Steph's blog showing recent work including this amazing bouquet with succulents in it. I know it's a different choice for bouquets - isn't it amazing!

I LOVE Steph's work ....

Clare Goddard's work for Miss Bush bride Sarah Meade below... beautiful

Photo copyright Ed Peers

Supplier Checklist for Postcard From New York Event

Venue Miss Bush Bridalwear
Dresses JLM Couture at Miss Bush Bridalwear
Event Planner Lisa Baker at Just Bespoke
DJ Matt Maurice
Photographer Juliet McKee
Florist Bloomingayles
Florist Fairynuff Flowers
Florist Bloom Ripley
Lighting, staging and furniture hire Stressfree Hire

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