Thursday, 1 March 2012

Shed to Wed Diet Thusday

Last week's blog post was cathartic, I had a reached a low point in body self-esteem, writing about it made me see it for exactly that. I also had to de-publish it as Annabel from Love My Dress read it and wanted to use it on her blog this week. Not entirely sure what her readership is - but its in the tens of thousands so at once I am rather chuffed she liked the piece but it is still akin to walking Gok's 'Look Good Naked' shopping centre catwalk. "Here comes Emma in her pants revealing her stats and fears."

This week my running looks more like running rather than staggering around  looking like a wheezy ex goth in search of an inhaler. I have also reached sticker success at Weight Watchers. For the perpetually slim this means you get a silver 7 sticker every time you lose half a stone. I have my first sticker and am a pound away from my 5% goal.

My own personal goal was to lose half a stone by 'proposal day.' My mother, the often charming, sometimes cantankerous, other half of the Miss Bush shareholders texted the lovely Marshy on the morning of February 29th - " are you in hiding?" Lessons to be learnt here - There is a fine line between your Mum liking your partner and actively lusting after him herself. I worry Senior Bush wanders into the latter category.

The answer is -  I didn't propose. Part of me indignant that I should have to, part of me wants to be surprised. At about five to midnight I said to Marshy - "you've nearly escaped..." He did reply, what he said was lovely and private. I am very much still on the Shed to Wed trail!

Picture swiped from Debenhams

With my diminishing waistline comes a new hair do. My style inspiration - Rooney Mara. I know, we could have been separated at birth!

Picture swiped from
Here are the numbers

Starting Stats
Bust 47"
Waist 40"
Hips 43"
Weighing in at 13 stone 6lbs

Week 5 Stats
Bust 441/2"
Waist 361/2
Hips 411/2
Weighing in at 12 stone 12lbs (ie I lost 1 1/2 lbs)

Total Weight Loss 8lbs

Onwards and downwards...


  1. At the risk of sounding highly patronising and not a little condescending, reading these weight loss posts and your guest article over on LMD today makes me feel really proud of you. My Mum has literally just begun to think about exercise and her own health and I hadn't really realised that these pills get even harder to swallow the older one gets.

    Can't wait to see you in that slinky Suzanne Neville number...

  2. The lovely Clogs - I love that you read them. If I'm communicating rather than just spouting PR copy all the better. Your patronage makes me proud! xxx


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