Thursday, 22 March 2012

Shed to Wed

Miss Bush is holding an in store event tomorrow - a massive, giant, alien invader of a do that is creeping like bindweed and overwhelming every other activity whether domestic or work related.

One of the most or least appealing aspects of my personality, depending what one is hoping for, is that  a project will receive my full attention . If  I do a project I compete, I take part fully, my mind is utterly engaged. My family are pointing at open, empty fridges and enquiring as the the exact location of their pants - whilst I am wondering whether Wiz Khalifa's Parental Advisory sticker lyrics are suitable for Mother of the Bride ears and whether kd lang and Elvis are bridal style icons.

This is my brain at this very second....

So the diet? Well I missed Weight Watchers due to model fittings. My amazing team of models are genetically blessed. I feel I am committing a crime against the sisterhood, further promoting the beauty myth and the cult of youth but they are just so lovely. Even at their age I never had the bodies they do.

Interestingly though the odd breakout, a slight pound in weight added beyond their friend traumatises them as much as three stone and a face full of crow's feet. Again lovely girls of all ages and sizes enjoy and marvel at the body you have. I think, just as  babies are small and cute, doe eyed, long limbed teenagers look good in clothes. Plus - as an added benefit - they love to dress up and will work for Topshop vouchers.

So the Stats???

Week 7 Stats
Bust 441/2"
Waist 361/4
Hips 411/4
Weighing in at 12 stone 12and a half pounds

Week 8 Stats

About the same - the scales say about 12st 10lbs the measurements are the same more or less. I have run, trained but am tired and sleep deprived with a spin cycle for a brain.

Next week the focus is back, the clocks change. Light mornings and evenings are going to melt away the excuses for not running daily and I shall intimidate the kids off the the Send Municipal tennis courts. The work/life balance will be addressed if not achieved!

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