Thursday, 29 March 2012

Shed to Wed - more food than diet this week...

This week my attempts at diet and exercise have been futile owing to the giant Postcard from New York project that has been happening at Miss Bush HQ. However at Weight Watchers weigh in a magnificent 2 and a half pounds were lost. Whether this is due to atrophying muscle from not having run for a week or my nerves been stretched to pinging point I don't know. I will accept this weight loss as a pat on the back for 18 hour working days.


Week 7 Stats
Bust 441/2"
Waist 361/4
Hips 411/4
Weighing in at 12 stone 12and a half pounds

Week 8 Stats

About the same - the scales say about 12st 10lbs the measurements are the same more or less. I have run, trained but am tired and sleep deprived with a spin cycle for a brain.

Week 9

Official weigh in at 12st 10lbs so 2.5 pounds lost 'officially'

Person or persons that have  been feeding me unbelievably calorie free (not) lovely yummy food include :-

Ayca from Naughty but Yummy. Ayca saved my bacon with masses of cupcakes provided at a moments notice. Ayca, pronounced aitcha,  is the most bubbly wedding enthusiast I have come across. An extemely gifted cake maker she also created the cute New York themed cookies for the goody bags. I can report that the cupcakes in lemon and vanilla were indeed 'yummy'. No idea what the biscuits were like as they were all snaffled before I had time to try one. I can only take this as whole hearted approval. Naughty but Yummy, given more than two days notice can provide all sorts of tempting tiny gorgeousness. The mini cheesecakes take some beating. Are we beginning to see why I am not naturally slim...

Further temptation came from Creative Candi . Lovely Sarah spent more time on her knees with hygiene gloves than I have ever seen anyone do- short of birth or a Brazilian. I know it's one of those wedding services that you think you don't need. Or you can do it yourself - then people think that about running a wedding dress shop. The key skill that Miss Bush's partners have for an event like the Postcard from New York is that they are genius in their niche. They must be glamorous but make their skill look effortless. As a bride you really don't want a sweaty-faced panicker providing a service for you. You want discreet professionalism. All the Creative Candi's labels were custom made to match our mood boards, the sweets were arranged with a precision that would drive me mad. Even the spoons and sweetie bags were on message. It was so beautiful that guests were reticent to tuck in. That soon faded with the green light to load up their striped swag bags - the same way your guests would find this fun. All I can say is that is a good job that there were no chocolate mice or Jazzles or the diet story woould be very different...

Not on show but stashed in the Miss Bush Chapel was the crew food. One of The Lovely Marshy's oldest friends Kim runs a cafe in Woking and provided the kind of food that you can wolf down. Haylees Lunchbox provided sarnies, samosas, bits of stuff in breadcrumbs, wraps, sausages... It was heavenly and vanished as the teams of models, make up artists, hairdressers, dressers, seamstresses worked all day to get the fashion show perfect and inspiring. There were also New York cabbies, DJs and assorted helpers milling all day... an army marching on it's very slender and well toned stomach.

And what of the demon drink? I had first made the acquainance of Tom from Shaken and Stirred at the launch of Parallel Venues Fetcham Park and as a new girl to event planning I was really impressed with how the bar was run and the utter drinkabilty of the cocktails - I consider myself a keen amateur. The weather angels were definitely watching over us - although Shaken and Stirred were prepared for bad weather we had glorious sunshine on the 23rd March. Their alfesco bar was perfect - and Stressfree Hire added last minute outdoor lighting.

All that remains for me to find for my next event is wedding caterers that would like to promote themselves to brides and the media. In the interim there is Waitrose terribly efficient canape service. They were also good enough to add an emergency dozen bottles of Prosecco to my order - I knew we'd need fuel for the after-party.

All photos by the very fabulous Juliet McKee

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