Monday, 2 April 2012

Postcard from New York

Collaboration. Joint marketing initiatives. Strategic partnerships. Synergy...  Whatever MBA speak you would care to use to describe networking and PR really at the end of the day if your partners are not the Mutt's Nuts you're screwed. Figuratively speaking.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of wedding industry collaborations. I therefore consider myself fortunate to have met the some of the best, most creative, hardworking and generally fabulous women and men who have helped stage and record some amazing events with Miss Bush.

The Postcard from New York event was just such an occasion . I have many posts to write about the fashion, finery, fixtures and finesse but before I do I have to thank the three woman that were constantly bombarded with illiterate, sometimes brief, always demanding emails. For the purposes of enlightenment and empathy I have included some excerpts

"There is of course no budget!!!!... I am hoping we have all felt the benefits of our collaborations.
Plan so far -

 Theme New York and very bloody cool and modern.

 Designer JLM – 2 bridal labels, 2 bridesmaids"

"Hello All!

 Can certainly chat flowers on Sunday and fix up a scrummy bit of roast. Hoping Amy might be able to join us too..
I am pinning like a bastard with ideas for the 23rd ... they want details!!!
I have found at that the New York Taxi is available on the day – for a rather princely sum – but I think it will cause a stir!
Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

"Hello All

 We now have a planner she is UKAWP !

Recommended by Stacey Marie of Cherrytopped!

Will bring her up to speed about who is in place and we are having a meeting next Wednesday!
I see this as me being able to focus on the fashion angle and for Lisa to coordinate the shop styling and event management!

Sound like a plan?

Emma xxx"

"Hi Lisa

Sorry – I know it’s the evening!

I measured the shop today and drew a plan. I think we can easily fit in 53 chairs. This is only putting in double rows at two places

I have allowed a recess for the DJ which is 224cm wide/ depth is 94cm at one end 80cm at the other. Do you think this is sufficient.

Is there a piece of software that allows me to put the room dimensions in – or shall I just draw neatly, scan and email?

Juliet has about a metre squared!

Did you take photos of the shop? Shall I take some to explain.?

How wide do you think the catwalk should be?

Emma xxx"

Sent on Thursday 22nd to Juliet McKee - I day before the event!!!

Hello All
Scouted possible location
2 miles from Miss Bush, no mud and it’s a garage!!!!!!!
Can you forward to whoever the car man as and get him to approve it

So the very lovely Lisa Baker of Just Bespoke. Gayle Evans of Bloomingayles and Juliet McKee of Juliet McKee Photography a massive thank you for your collective sanity and integrity and for making Miss Bush and I look very, very good xxxx

Lisa Baker from Just Bespoke and Juliet McKee from Juliet McKee Photography

Gayle Evans from Bloomingayles

All photography by Juliet McKee


  1. "I measured the shop today and drew a plan."

    For some reason I find this statement utterly hilarious. It conjures up all sorts of ridiculous images in my mind and I love that you sound a little bit like you're trying to wangle a gold star off Lisa.

    You're a nightmare to work with, that's for sure, but that's why everyone loves you so much.

    1. Corinne and I spent ages with a tape measure trying to work out sums and numbers - believe me a gold star was called for! ;)


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