Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Laura Bell in Suzanne Neville's Devotion

I am so delighted to have Laura's pictures because, despite the fact I could bore for Britain about the minutiae of wedding world, my core job, responsibility and calling is to dress brides. The winter is a relatively lean month for weddings - though be warned winter brides I shall be stalking your inbox soon - but a very busy period for the shop. I haven't had as much time to hunt down photos and the Miss Bush blog has had a rather Emma Meek bias. As anyone who has met me will testify, I am a virtual wallflower so this has been troubling to my inherent shyness.

Is anyone buying this?

More than anything I have loved seeing these photos on a wintry day when the false promise of summer has given way to wet, grey skies. When Outlook is filled to bursting, the phone is relentless, home hasn't cleaned itself, a few window envelopes are eyeballing me and the supper has not been started. Clearly the responsible thing to do is dream about a luxury resort in Malaysia where " Twilight happens all too soon. But with sunset cocktails and dinner in a beach-side gazebo served by your own private butler, you don’t really mind." - have a little link love in and see what I mean.

Laura dropped me an email...

"Hi Emma

My official photos are now "in" and thought you and the girls at Miss Bush may want a peak of how the dress looks in the pics.

You will probably spot the gorgeous Polly Edwards "Claudette" band too!

We didn't hold out much hope for the pics as the photographer came with our wedding package, and after seeing some of your blogs about getting the right photographer I was worried! It seems as though we were lucky however and thankfully we have some lovely ones to cherish.

Hope you are all well, and please pass on my thanks to Corrine and Jen once again just for being so fab!

Hope you enjoy

          Laura xx"

We always love photos - although it might appear, from my demands that brides choose good photographers, that I am becoming slightly despotic...

Polly Edwards triumphs again...
The train looks enormous! I'm sure this is a trick of the light!

See - much littler train....

I want to sit on a beach at sunset soon please....

Thank you so much to Laura and John for sharing a few precious images of what looks like a perfectly relaxed  corner of paradise.

Laura's credits

"We got married at the Shangri-La Rasa Ria resort in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on the 23rd Feb.

The photographer was Jeffrey Wong at All About Love photography -

At the ceremony were John and I ...16 guests... & a lovely sunset. "

A little word about Miss Bush "Keep up the fabulous work..." - oh well - if we must ;) xxx


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