Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bush Telegraph 2013 is coming...

Whilst you youngsters are counting your wedding invitations, trying to deduce the myriad of themes, styles and dresses from the typography,  purveyors of fine frocks like myself are drawing a line under 2012 and looking forward to 2013.

I know whether your friends are channelling handmade or haute, rustic or riche, minimal or mahoosive. The dresses are ordered and are sweeping in on waves of glamour, racked like beautiful marionettes waiting to be woken. The fittings diary is booked and Senior Bush's workaholism is off and running.

As I am manually talentless I take no part in the physical pinning and sewing of dresses. I am very happy to join my brides in a fitting with the seamstresses and chip in with useful comments. Oh how Senior Bush and the girls love that...

Precisely what do I do at this time of year? Frankly, I don't think I can remember a time with so many girls shopping early for 2013,  conducting  appointments. The urge to shop is irresistable I know but literally this week has been the first week I have received any new 2013 dresses.

The first is from Anouska G - Elenore. I have been hunting for accessibly priced Packham-esque dresses. Jenny Packham's haute couture standards are never a budget option so this London based label really appealed - this dress has a SRP of £1200.

The second dress to arrive was an absolute beauty - it happened to arrive at the same time as Charlotte and Adam from Rock My Wedding though. The beautiful Brummies were on a scouting party (think Tusken Raider) and they swiped a new dress out of the box!

Source - amusing geek factoids here - but you just need to know they raid you ;)

The dress, were it in the shop, looks like this....

This is the romanatically named 2205 by Tara Keely - very classic, very wearable and SRP of circa £2000.

Clearly the team from Rock My Wedding were just casing the joint when they attended our Postcard from New York event. Check out the paparazzi pictures and approach this group with extreme caution - they WILL make you stylish...

Left to Right Peta Hunt, Editor at Large - You and Your Wedding, Me!!!, Charlotte from Rock My Wedding in the Bridesmaids boutique at Miss Bush

Left to right - Peta Hunt, Miranda Esaon Editor of You and YOur Wedding, Charlotte O'Shea, Adam Crohill - the man at Rock My Wedding

Charlotte - enjoying a cocktail from Shaken not Stirred

Adam Crohill - making off with a goody bag and cocktail...

 Photography by Juliet McKee


  1. Yup, love both those dresses, especially the back of the Anoushka G one. In fact, if I were wearing that dress, I'd be inclined to be showing off my rear view to everyone - which, since I have an arse of some substance, may not be enticing... Nor what Ms G had in mind. Still, gorgeous dress for the right lucky woman.

    PS PLEASE come and chip in useful comments during my fitting. I depend on it in fact!

    1. Do not worry - I will be with you all the way as we are customising - and there need to be a combo of vision and technical expertise. Plus hand holding and gossip!

      Actually some more of Anouska G arrived yesterday and they were surprisingly very good and wearable on a 16 bottom curve, a size 8 girl and a 12/14. I am a little bit chuffed with them.


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