Monday, 2 April 2012

Postcard from New York - Behind the Scenes

When I look these images I wonder how it was that the forces of the universe and the alignments of the planets threw Sharon Roberts, Carolanne Armstrong and I into the same orbit. Add to this vixen collective my long time, long suffering Bush legend Amy Plank and Juliet McKee - photographer and survivor of an argument with me. ( To be fair - sometimes utter frankness doesn't scan well on email - I 'may' have sounded rude.)

Then add in the models - Carolanne scouted the gorgeous Jade, Human League style, whilst working as a waitress therefore sealing her Svengali reputation and saddling her with a reputation for sexual ambiguity. Jeni - another Miss Bush veteran - is actually a friend of my daughter whose chiseled cheekbones make me want to weep and run off for some 'pillow-face' surgery. Ellie the fawn-like, long limbed lovely is the younger daughter of a friend and surprised Adam Crohill at the Postcard from New York event by changing back into her school uniform as she left.

It is a veritable recipe for disaster. Five decades of womankind working together to produce images of beauty that transcend our personal taste.  Belligerent, stubborn, creative, funny, clever, quirky - I don't know in which order of importance I'd place these but they've all got these qualities. Add in bossy and opinionated for me and from a flat pancake of possibility rises a beautiful confection of cool.

I'd happily spend my hours on Pinterest plotting new shoots were it not for the significant lapses in time that occur along with some badly fed kids and RSI of the mouse hand! For now here's a few backstage moments. They are my personal A Team, and in the words of Hannibal - I love it when a plan comes together.

Heavenly Jade being made up by her scout Carolanne Armstrong

Sharon and I consider our Park Avenue Princess Ellie

Jeni becoming the hottest boy ever...

My brief was sleek, sleek, sleek - and I don't care if it's greasy in real life!

Sharon, Amy and Carolanne at work at Miss Bush Chapel

On location - I sense I'll have Amy on my case for these photos

Amy doing what she does best - dressing and styling!

All photography Juliet McKee

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