Friday, 9 March 2012

In The Press

Collaborative shoots, for readers that have proper jobs outside of the Truman Show style dome of wedding world, ought to be when like minded creatives get together to produce a photo shoot that furthers and promotes the art of the individuals involved. In the new media age there are many outlets and platforms with which to distribute said shoots. Some shoots will flit briefly across some blogs and sink without a trace. Some shoots have legs and just keep striding on.

Fortunately for me, and therefore Miss Bush, the first two shoots I have become actively involved in have had real staying power. This month Wedding magazine has published shots from the Good Day Sunshine shoot which was conceived, designed and styled by Juliet McKee and Stacey Marie Chalk. In all honesty, and not detracting one iota from anyone else that has contacted me, their brief is still the tightest. most well thought through brief I have read. Juliet and Stacey Marie contacted me in plenty of time so I was able to get custom pieces made, fit the models and provide wardrobe services on the day.

Brides when looking at wedding photos, advertising or editorial will focus primarily on one thing - the dress. It doesn't matter what the light is like, how good the flowers are and whether or not the Pantones match. Bad collaborative shoots with poorly fitting dresses are actively detrimental to a brand, an image or a product and not just the dress provider.

The shots that were on target...

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