Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fetcham Park Shoot - Unexpected Models #1

In my previous blog post about Fetcham Park - the one where I stole Tigerlily's model - I found myself having to apologise to Penny - el presidente of Tigerlily -  for appropriating an idle model. If I may just add, by way of justification,  the underwear shots of Gemma are now on What Katie Did's Facebook competition for 'Pin Up of the Month' contest. Not an excuse for bad behaviour though....

I now have a second admission. I stole Penny's make up artist, Ariane, to use as a model as well.

Now before I blacklist myself from any shoot ever again  and gain the reputation of the 'cat burgler' of the bridal world I would like to point out the following extenuating circumstances.

1. I am new to shoots and photographic protocol
2. Ariane looked cool and had whipped up a cute hairdo
3. She really, really wanted to try a dress on
4.I really, really wanted to get some shots of this Jesus Peiro dress that I love

So that's ok then - in the name of art and gorgeousness am I excused?

I would just like to mention if you are handy with a brush, dexterous with sponge and can work a fine liner isn't it a little unfair you already have the fine features of the gorgeous Ariane? Just saying...

Credits & Humblest Apologies

Model Ariane - MUA for Tigerlily
Hair & Make Up - Model's Own
Dress -  Jesus Peiro  at Miss Bush
Location - Salon at Fetcham Park
Photography - EFC Photography

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