Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Miss Bush Sample Sale - Style Tips

Sample sales are not the best places to shop if you want this season's best seller. I am so wedded to my bestsellers they are not going anywhere. Like the story of The Velveteen Rabbit they have been loved to scruffiness and would not survive a dry clean without disintegrating.

One of the best type of dress to buy is something cool and different. These are the kind of dresses for brides who are actively looking for a slightly left field look whilst remaining emphatically bridal. Miss Bush loves a niche dress and fresh looks at a classic styles,  hence we have a lot of love for Jesus Peiro.

Jesus Peiro Style 2017  is just such a dress - twisting expectations of a strapless dress into a chic minimal gown with plenty of wow factor. A detachable train also means it is great for a wedding that is going to change quickly from formal to fun.

Jesus Peiro 2017 SRP £1895 Sale Price £995

Detachable train for pretty and practical reasons...

Our specialist cleaners will have no problem with fine details like these...

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