Thursday, 24 May 2012

Miss Bush Sale - Trade Secrets

In a mountain far, far away there exists a most beautiful jewel lined secret cave - it's entrance hidden by a sparking turquoise waterfall. Inside the walls are studded with precious stones, it's floors are laid with sumptous kilims and on benches of the whitest marble fantastical creatures spin wedding dresses from silken threads. Packed in enchanted crystal boxes, swept via magical zephyr to dreaming brides the dresses have spells stiched into every seam...

On dark days in the Kingdom of Dress a cruel Baron or a greedy, wicked Stepmother will try to upset the mystical creatures working so tirlessly and so magically. Over the years the wily Fairy Godmothers and the elfin seamstresses have become wise to their ways and banish them from the Kingdom and order and happiness is restored.

Adorno is the very last Rosa Clara dress at Miss Bush. Current season, immaculate - £4655 reduced to £2000.

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