Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Miss Bush Sale - Sizing and Fitting

Across many of the blog posts I have written I have 'shared with the group' the unmissable fact that I sport I fine G cup bust. I have adjusted to the fact that if I want to buy a  reasonable, well fitting off the peg dress I nip into Hobbs and the angelic pattern cutters seem to have catered for me in their size 16.

Wedding dresses would be a different story - if I was advising myself I would suggest I didn't visit a sample sale. Wedding dresses. even if they are a 16, are not cut for a very large cup size. Similarly they are not usually great on the over 5' 10" or in the under 5' 2".

A sample sale is really best suited to those brides that are sample size - it can be an 8 or a 16 - but it is worth not disappointing yourself with a slightly deflating sale experience.

Reasonable and practical alterations would be to take a dress down by 1 to 2 sizes, shortening the length, customising and certainly adjusting to a different size top and bottom  - all entirely manageable.

Letting out - crikey no! Letting the hem down - ditto! These are inadvisable and I would not recommend buying a sample dress with these in mind.

The one exception to this would be adding a larger panel under the lacing of a corset back dress - this could certainly buy you an inch or two.

Hems, side seams, lifting shoulders, adding bust cups, lingerie carriers, bustling trains - all perfectly practical tasks that our seamstresses perform daily - can be offered for samples.

Samples sales can be a fabulous steal. Miss Bush staff are trained to continue to advise with integrity and to not let the spectre of red pen bargains overwhelm common sense.

Suzanne Neville Devotion £2300 reduced to £995

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