Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Candy in Ugo Zaldi

I actually begged Candy for her wedding photos. Not dignified I know. Candy is beautiful - rocking her Herve Leger inspired Ugo Zaldi dress and nude Louboutins to absolute perfection. The dress was the perfect choice for an intimate wedding at Guildford Registry Office followed by lunch at Olivo and a first night at Brown's Hotel in Mayfair. All of this loveliness, topped off with hair by Miss Bush favourite Sharon Roberts, was not the burning reason I had to use Candy as a poster girl.

I wanted to make the women that we dress who don't conform to the outdated notion of what a  'typical' bride is more visible.I want to remove the anxiety women feel coming into a wedding dress shop and feeling that they may be an impostor, that in some way 'they' are not what 'we' expect.

In our more serious moments in the shop we discuss and allay these fears. In general we're way, way more shallow and frock obsessed. I mocked up a side bun for Candy as the dress needed an up do and we debated shoes until 'we' decided that the only choice was a pair of nude patent shoes to play down the sexy angle just enough for day time. The wedding may have been Candy's first Louboutin moment  but definitely not the last...

I would love to thank Candy and John - the new Mr and Mrs Davies - for sharing their photos. My thanks particularly to Candy for breaking one little archaic tradition of never mentioning a woman's age. OK I won't. Let's just say she would have been in the same class as Madonna...



Guildford Registry Office http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/
Olivo in Guildford http://www.olivo.co.uk/
Photographer ....Ashley Prytherch www.ashphotos.co.uk
Hair by Sharon Roberts http://wonderfulweddinghair.co.uk/
Flowers Carrie Macey at Topiary Tree http://www.topiary-tree.co.uk/
First Night at Browns Hotel in Mayfair http://www.brownshotel.com/
Car from Martin De Little  http://martindelittle.com/traction%20%201.htm


  1. Wow - she has GREAT legs! Quite like the shoes too....! She looks chic but sassy and very classy - good for her and congratulations too.

    1. Doesn't she? Very blessed - many discussions between us about appropriate dress. Then she through it all up in the air and though 'yep - I feel fab.' The alchemy moment ;) xxx

    2. 'Appropriate' just sounds joyless, doesn't it? Sod 'appropriate'! Go for 'hot', like Candy!

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