Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hannah Lougee in Jenny Packham Elizabeth

Having a Miss Bush blog is a rather marvellous thing. It is, for the first time, allowing me to have an ongoing dialogue with my brides after their wedding and I get to see far more photos than ever before.

Hannah, her mother and I had a lovely set of appointments choosing 'the dress.' Hannah is bright, funny and a great house model - with her BBC costume drama beauty - my real life Girl's World job was made incredibly easy. Hannah also picked Mark Bothwell as her photographer - for which I'm sure she will ever grateful for. I have seen all his photos for her wedding and they are utterly captivating - I can even remember some of them in my mind's eye though it has been weeks and weeks since I saw them.

So gripped have I become about the blog after such a short amount of time that I was desperate to get my hands on the pictures I knew to be so beautiful. Hannah has picked her own selection to share - images that she is happy for the world to see. Some of the absolute treasures stay with her and her friends and family. This, I think, is a salutary lesson for all of us that dare to blog. Be an iceberg - show the tip - hint at the depth. Don't rush to publish everything just because you can - when the genie is out of the bottle there is no putting it back. For me it means I must remember to guard and respect my customer's photos and privacy with the same zeal as I guard the secret of their dress choice.

I think that is enough metaphors for one post - here comes the wow factor.

I love this so, so much! It can take away all rainy day anxiety knowing you can get a photo like this.

How handsome are they - on a scale of 1 to 10? Definitely an 11!

Many squillions of thanks Hannah and Oliver for sharing a few of their gems.

Photography Mark Bothwell

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