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Sarah Hewson nee Hughes in Jesus Peiro

Part of me is considering just showing these incredible photos of Sarah in her Jesus Peiro gown with a straightforward list of credits and you can all simply marvel at her beauty, perfection and poise.

I can't. Goodness knows why I have decided to become so confessional but there are so many moments in the lead up to these photos I need to share 'with the group.'

On a Thursday, my occasional day off, I have from 9am until the end of the school day to do what I like. Oddly what I 'like' doing is trying to recover the house from it's shabby state wearing, what can only be described as, dog-walking clothes (no dog though!) At the time of Sarah's order my youngest son went to school near one of my favourite charity shops. The one where I picked up a 1950s dressing table in mint condition...
It was in this very shop where I got THE call from Bush HQ. Another feature of a day off is that I insist on being called if there is anything noteworthy.

A rather hysterical Gen, my mother and Edna Mode understudy, was making it plain I was needed at Bush HQ on the double. There was a bride in tears and it was all looking rather serious. A dress was too tight and the wedding date was looming. So grabbing my 11 year old son away from the once worn PlayStation 2 games and putting down some collectible Midwinter I hopped into the Zafira and arrived at the Bush.

Of course other women's 'boyfriend' jeans/jumper/blazer look may be stylish and insouciant. Not mine. I just look like a tramp. With my ample bust  a casual 'borrowed' hoody serves to make me look like I'm channelling  Ann Widdecombe as a style icon.
Arriving at the shop some ten minutes later to a red faced and slightly lachrymose Sarah I imagine the sight of me  - a woman smelling of thrift shops and wearing slightly stained sports casuals  - didn't necessarily lift her spirits.

The dress was indeed snug, not horrendous but not comfortable. Sarah is tiny, on paper she measures a Spanish 38 a small UK 8. The dress is delicate - made of fine sheer silk organza. There is nowhere to go on releasing any seams or giving any ease. Only one course of action in a case like this - with a little over 3 weeks to go to the wedding  - a new dress was needed.
A call to my all time production heroine Monica at Jesus Peiro got me the result I was after. I was instructed to email Sarah's revised details there and then and the dress would go top of Friday morning's cutting list. It would be made over the weekend finished Monday and dispatched from Barcelona to the UK on Tuesday.
Despite what you may think - I do not thrive on drama like this. A word of frankness here to the trade, brides to be, current brides and casual readers. S**t happens. This was not planned or negligent. Jesus Peiro had delivered the dress as ordered, Miss Bush had ordered the size according to measurements and Sarah hadn't changed shape. The very big plus of working with the labels that we do - whose provenance is absolutely clear and with our near 25 years of experience is Miss Bush can handle a crisis. The new dress arrives it's perfect. So end of story - lovely photos, all's well that ends well...

...except that Corinne who had been helped Sarah in her initial appointments said - "I think  Sarah is on TV!"


Here is her CV as supplied by Sky's Press Office
"Sarah Hewson presents Boulton & Co, weekdays from 1pm – 2pm alongside Adam Boulton.  She is also Sky News’ Royal Correspondent.
Sarah’s royal reports include the announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement and their subsequent wedding, an interview with Prince Andrew at 50 and, exclusively, his daughter Beatrice on her father's landmark birthday. She also followed Prince William on his first official trip to New Zealand and Australia, interviewed Prince Charles during his and Camilla's tour of South America and an assignment to follow Prince Harry on his first visit to the site of the World Trade Centre in New York.
For six months, Sarah led Sky’s coverage of the inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. She broke the long-awaited verdict live on Sky News and produced a half hour documentary charting the final hours of the Princess’ life.
Sarah covered Prince Harry’s deployment to Afghanistan and in July 2008 she travelled to the tiny African kingdom of Lesotho where she interviewed Prince Harry about his continued efforts to help the thousands of children orphaned by the country’s Aids epidemic. 
She followed the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on their tour of the United States in 2007 and their visit to Uganda later that year, where they were joined by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.
Previously, Sarah was a general news reporter. She played a major role in Sky’s award-winning coverage of the July 7th bombings in London, broadcasting live from the Sky helicopter high above the city and sending back the first images of the scene.
She also reported live from the red carpet at the 2007 Oscars where she interviewed all the big names of the night including best actress winner Helen Mirren."

Sarah, with absolute grace, didn't mention this until the first fitting of dress number two. In conversation she mentioned that she had just covered the Royal Wedding for Sky News.  Sarah has just reported on the wedding of the century so far and has access to the world's media.

No pressure then.

Now here's the all's well part -
"Hi Emma

So glad you liked the photos - Sam and I are delighted with them and can't stop looking at them.
Photographer was Damian Bailey, church was in Langton Green in Kent and reception at Buckhurst Park, Withyham, East Sussex. Flowers were by the amazing Nancy Ursell at Blooming Perfect.

Had so many compliments on the dress its untrue - couldn't have been happier with it.

Thanks so much for everything you did to make it perfect!

Sarah x"

So end of story right?  A beautiful dress, a happy bride and  a pleased as punch groom. A chance to demonstrate that Miss Bush, on the rare occasion plans do not run smoothly, can, with the invaluable assistance of their wonderful suppliers, take everything in their stride....

.....almost the end of the story.

Forward wind to October and I am alerted to the Wedding Industry Awards

With my natural instinct for last minute-ness I decided to enter 10 days before the closing date. I emailed as many Miss Bush brides as I could! ( no database and no record of married name email addresses  - and yes I know it is ridiculously inefficient.)

One reply was particularly enlightening -

"Hi Emma
...I’m actually on the judging panel and hosting the awards do – so I hope I will see you there.

Good luck – I’m afraid my judging position rules me out of voting...

S xxx"

 So maybe the story is not over yet 

Photography Damien Bailey 

Venue Buckhurst Park 


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  1. Wow, those are great photo's. You might want to share some of these beautiful shots with some other jesus peiro fans on facebook?


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