Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Katy Gower in Cymbeline Emea

 I got a swift reprimand from a photographer friend yesterday for not name checking and giving picture credits in a blog post. I am repentant obvs' - and I shall add retrospectively should I discover who they were.

On the contrary Katy here has yelled her photographers name loud and clear and I'm not blimmin' surprised. 
"They are taken by Rosie Parsons so please can you make sure she is credited somewhere if you use any of them"
Err -' any of them?' They are all going in and I believe there is a promise of more too. Only a bit excited about that prospect.

Feast your eyes on the work of Rosie Parsons  and the in capturing the magic of Katy and James wedding day. 
Katy gave Rosie masses of material, from an elegant Cymbeline dress, cornflower blue colour scheme and a Yurt as a venue. Oh - and Katy looks like a model...I wonder how I manage not to spend my whole life on a treadmill when I'm  surrounded by such gorgeous brides

Check out Katy's model tick list

Toned arm perfection... tick

Storm blue bridesmaids to enhance colouring...tick

Great legs...tick

Svelte waist... tick

Good posture... tick

Stylish side plait...tick

Kate Moss style country wedding (before Ms Moss).... tick

Polly Edwards headdress...tick

Lovely smile...tick

Adoring husband...tick

A model wedding of utter gorgousness...tick

In Katy's words 
"Thanks again for looking after me so well and for making me feel so wonderful on my wedding day!
 Katy x "

Many thanks to Katy and James for sharing these lovely pictures and for making me want to go and find my trainers and weights!!! xxx

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