Monday, 9 January 2012

Jesus Peiro as worn by Melanie Jenkins

As I was sat at my computer resizing Melanie's pictures I kept trying to simplify and reduce to a soundbite/blogbite a sentence that describes why and what makes Melanie 'very Miss Bush.' I know that sounds terribly presumptive - but I think we are all agreed that buying a wedding dress has far greater emotional investment than any other dress. Therefore - in an ideal dress buying heaven the bride and designer/retailer should connect over more than just the exchange of plastic.

Casting my eye over Melanie's 'thank you' card one sentence has suddenly jumped out at me

" My dress was perfect ...unusual but classic at the same time"

I think, simply put, this is what I and my fellow 'Bush, be they colleagues or customers,  are striving for. Utter classicism with total individuality.

I think the other Miss Bush characteristic, which in me is quite marked, to say the least, is a very direct and honest approach to our brides and customers. Melanie has also written that she "appreciated the honst opinions (she) needed..." I promise you this doesn't mean we're all Trinny and Susannah - there are no toe curling investigations of your psyche whilst stripped to your pants surrounded  by mirrors. My aim, and that of my lovely band of Miss Bush girls, is to create a fun, unpretentious environment where a bride can experiment with dresses that are as individual and get opinions that are truly independant.

Melanie looks gorgeous of course. She is very beautiful and husband Nick is one lucky boy. I think her beauty is enhanced by the sharp tailoring, precise cut and structure of a classic Jesus Peiro shape. I caution pretty blondes about wandering down 'Barbie Boulevard' with the over use of tiaras and sparkles. What can look ironic or kitsch on a  size 16 brunette like myself can just look too saccherine on the pocket-sized blonde.

Many thanks to Melanie and Nick for sharing some of their favourite images - I think I can spot they quite like Rugby...

Photographer- Simon J Coulson
Bridesmaids dresses- this is my friend India's company called Maids to Measure
Church: St Stephen's Church Sparsholt, Winchester 
Venue: Lainston House Hotel, Sparsholt, Winchester

"Our cake was excellent- so tasty. It was made by a family friend and she kept saying 'are you sure you just want it white and no flowers on top' -I'm so glad I kept it simple, it looked beautiful and was exactly what I'd hoped for. Flowers were also excellent- another friend of a friend Fabienne Egger – she is a florist in london and again kept it simple with all white but lots of different types of flowers. All so stunning. I'm trying to get numbers for both ladies but waiting to hear back. 

RE the rugby shot! Well Nick's ushers all played rugby at medical school at University of Cardiff (all doctors like Nick expect best man). The shot came about when a couple of the girls asked me to throw the bouquet but the boys jumped in first and demanded I throw it at them! The poor bouquet was absolutely ruined by the end!" Melanie's own words!

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