Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Maggie Sottero Vanessa - restyled by Verity Crossen

I expect that it would be a good idea to write blog posts that are seasonally apt. I feel publishing this post in darkest January is akin to a woman's magazine publishing the 'get a bikini bod' for your holiday article right now. The only sunny swimwear shots in Grazia this week are of supermodels and actresses on their Christmas breaks in the Caribbean looking ridiculously fabulous.

However I have an itch to book a sunny holiday, I love Greek islands, I love the Vanessa dress, Verity looks beautiful - you'll have to forgive me for this unseasonal indulgence. Like it or not - I am putting Syros on the Blog today.

A word on Verity's restyle.

Annette Thompson
Before vintage, before upcycling, before thrifting, before crafting became cool - there was Annette.

Jenny Packham's Delphine
Before Verity bought Vanessa there was Delphine...

Annette, Miss Bush legend, beader, thrifter, craftsperson, lifetime charity shop shopper, hoarder and all round good egg salvaged the appliqued Delphine beading from the sample of the same name when the delicate silk chiffon from the dress became wrecked in store.

(Note to all would be bridal shop owners - one over enthusiastic bride and you lose a sample that may have cost you anywhere from £500 - £1500.)

Verity utterly rocked her Maggie Sottero strapless Vanessa. However, the dilemma, for Verity, was that she loved the Maggie cut but loved the Jenny Packham beading more. I hope all you eagle-eyed brides spotted the iconic Acacia II on her marvellously natural 'do!  Whisper this next fact quietly,  however much you love Jenny Packham - in my case that would be much - she doesn't construct a strapless dress as well as Maggie Sottero.

 Enter Annette. A magpie of the highest order, not only has saved the Jenny Packham Delphine beading, but had the skill and patience to remove the Maggie Sottero beading and with utter precision and care reapply the Packham beading. The dress looks like it was ever thus.

Another whisper for fear of being overheard - we often cut things off Maggie Sottero dresses. The maxim by which Coco Chanel lived her life...

"Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewellery.”

...applies to Maggie like no other designer. Rather than jewellery an unnecessary embellishment is the thing to remove. Frequently I am to be found with scissors... Less almost always more.

Oh and the sleeves. Hmmm - well Stephanie Allin could tell you why they are called Casablanca. Nuff said.

So Verity's Vanessa  really is her own gown. Fusing the best of a big label, the boutique style of designer labels, her own thoughts and the utterly bespoke service that Miss Bush offers, Verity has truly created her own vision. A contemporary Grecian inspired dress that works perfectly - in Greece.

Very Sex and the City!

Many thanks to the new Mr and Mrs Papanikitas for sharing there photos.


Photography Kelly Tunney

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