Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Shed to Wed Wednesday's Wedding Diet

No I am not engaged. No I have not set the date. Neither am I one of the new breed of Single Bridezillas, as described in The Huffington Post  (an article linked to me by Betti Confetti - one of my Twitter mates!)

I would like to get married. Again. As a director of a wedding dress shop it is an uncomfortable fact that I have a failed marriage. It is also one of my life's greatest joys, second only to my children, that the lovely Marshy, partner and step parent to  my children,  appeared in my life after the duel watersheds of my Decree Absolute and tuning forty.

A sage, hippy friend of mine, who firmly believes in the curative powers of crystals, has reliably informed me that you get delivered angels when you need them. Please follow the following link to see a potential first dance song for Marshy and also choreography that closest resembles his dance floor moves.

When I met Marshy at the tender age of forty years, three months and two weeks approximately I was a virtual whippet. A pound or two either side of 10 stone, a 34 E/F bust, Karen Millen size 10 trousers were my friend. This was helped quite considerably by a forty a day Marlboro Light habit. I gave up smoking on Valentines Day 2007 a month after our meeting. Not because of Marshy - though he is, and always has been, a non smoker. I had been a perpetual re offender, a yo-yo smoker and,  perversely,  massively allergic to Nicotine patches. For the first time, with a really supportive partner, I kicked the addiction for good.

Hello two stone. The combination of smug loved-upness, eating breakfast, lunch and meals out played havoc with my figure. My mother Gen warned me in her inimitable style that 'Marshy didn't start going out with a fat lass' .... anyone wonder why I am so competitive?

The weight went, now, for reasons that may well be explained in the next few posts, the weight is back. Only the two original stones have bought a mate!

I haven't stepped on the scales - that joy will happen at Weight Watchers tonight. I know I am on the last straining threads of the overlocking around the bust of my size 16 and 18 clothes. Those too are labels that are generously cut like Hobbs and Episode! The cheap and cheerful youth labels have been archived...

I have re engaged the services of the lovely Geoff a gentle, rehab kind of personal trainer and Issy, the fearsome distance runner, waits in the wings until some basics have been achieved.

I am, readers, aiming to fit into a wedding dress.

Jenny Packham Antonella. Discontinued - but the only dress I have been moved to try on for years.One of the five or six styles I would plan to rock in my five day wedding festival.


  1. Lots of luck! I've just started weight watchers and its very straightforward, and you can still eat all the things you want to just as long as you are super careful for the rest of the day/week. My biggest downfall is wine. And cheese. And finishing off my childrens' dinners when they have left some. And biscuits. And more wine.

    Everything in moderation hey? Hope you do well! x

  2. My downfall is wine and working next to a bakery! Thanks for the comment - just been to my first meeting and found I weigh more than I ever thought - more than full term pregnant!

    Hoping to do well - am aiming to update! x


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