Friday, 6 January 2012

Lucy Longton - Ugo Zaldi in the sea at Cascais, Portugal

 Never have I seen a beach scene quite as smouldering yet stylish, with the possible exception of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in From Here to Eternity,  as Lucy and Sean's trash the dress shoot. Rather than 'trash' the dress these photographs seem to enhance the dress and the spirit in which it was designed.

In Lucy's words
" We have 4,500 pictures in total as our photographer was a friend and he stayed for 5 days and catalogued every moment so we are not short of any pics! 

( We did) a ‘trash the dress’ shoot a few days later on a rather stormy day! I love them - and don’t worry, my dress wasn’t trashed in the slightest and not a bead fell off in the ocean, testament to how well-made and special my dress was.

I felt AMAZING when I put my beautiful dress on, I could have conquered the world on my wedding day with that feeling :)

Thank you so much to you and the team for all your wonderful help, advise and smiles throughout...

...Many thanks!!"

I am so thrilled that Lucy and Sean have shared these photos. Not only do I have a fabulous Miss Bush poster girl - I seem to have acquired a poster boy too!

How handsome are Mr and Mrs Hammill?

How naughty?

How stunning?

How much punishment can a silk chiffon dress take?

A lot - seemingly!
How cute?

How much fun?

How hot?

How much do I need to get to the gym so I can re-enact this?
David Williams
Flip Photos


  1. I need to see you and Marshy reenact this. If only so I can be distracted from my terrible envy of these two.

  2. Marshy will be on my shoulders I fear!

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