Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Vogue Bride Marie Rhys Evans in Cymbeline

Now I know Marie is not the editor - but she works for Vogue and that is good for me! Miss Bush - By Appointment to Conde Nast.... It has a certain ring to it.

Marie's four photos - I will of course beg for more - show the least Devil Wears Prada bride I have ever seen. Laid back French insouciance, a trampoline and a M&Ms cake made by the best man. J'adore...

"...( would) love to send some photos. We had a fabulous day and am happy to show the pictures off. I have attached a small selection.

Marc and I married on the 23rd July at the Manor House in Corsley. Our Best Man, Toby (who has never baked before) made our wedding cake!

Thank you and your team for all your help and advise with my dress. It was perfect!"

Many Thanks,

Marie Rhys-Evans
Senior Production Coordinator

I take it you all saw 'Vogue' written here. That's Vogue as in the magazine. Not the Madonna song and dance craze. That's Hanover Square's  Vogue - as in the most glamorous magazine in the world/known universe. Just so all the ephemeral Bots and Spiders of SEO get it right...

Check out the M&Ms themed cake for Marie and Marc

Never, in all my born days, have I seen such a thing!

Are not Marc and Marie just adorable?


  1. Yesterday Elle recommends, today Vogue wears. We are altogether NOT WORTHY x

  2. Please could you tell me which Cymbeline dress this is and if you still stock it? It is beautiful :-)


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