Friday, 6 January 2012

Ugo Zaldi for Lucy Longton

I knew Lucy, the new Mrs Hammill, was gorgeous. The sort of customer and bride, who, when you see them in their smalls, in a professional capacity,  you think - I have NEVER looked like that. Not at 35, not at 25, not a 9 stone never! Honeyed, virtually pore-less skin, slim, toned with waist length blonde hair that just does that casual wave with no discernable effort or product. Broad smile, laid back in a north-of-Watford-lass kind of way.

I knew at our appointment Lucy was going abroad to be married and the Ugo Zaldi dress she chose has almost a bikini-topped maxi dress feel about it. The very epitome of chilled glamour. I remember using the phrase 'surf chick' and recommending salt spray for her hair.

I also personally think that when you are genetically blessed - less is more. I often remark that if I suddenly woke up as a size 8 blonde that I would be so impressed with the novelty I would go out dressed in a Geordie Shore/Towie/Jodie Marsh hybrid outfit to show that I was slim. For the sake of taste and decency and, mercifully, for the public at large this miracle is unlikely...

The dress Lucy has chosen shows off her amazing figure but it is not 'on show'. When you get to see all the photos you'll see too why a restrictive, corsetted dress or a WAG-column such as Abbey Clancy's would have been impractical and over done.  In a Miss Bush blog first I am splitting this post in two for dramatic impact! That and it takes me forever to resize pictures on my Commodore 64...

 I had to do a little happy dance and a circuit of my office with my replica football shirt over my head, arms out as 'plane wings when I got these pictures - here are the first five 'formal' shots *sigh*

Check out Sean...

...did I mention that the groom was buff too?

Full credits in the next post!


  1. Oh Emma, up in the wee hours killing time and reading your blog, I love the way you write! You make me howl a 5am in the morning! I can just see you flying around with plane wings hehehe! What a beautiful dress and beautiful Bride. I need some Ugo Zaldi on my blog! xXx

  2. Thank you Beloved Leader of blog world - I'll see what I can do! xxx

  3. Lucy's dress was beautiful... when I saw her on the day, I couldn't believe... she was gorgeous... one of the most beautiful brides that I've seen. it was a pleasure to organise her wedding in Portugal :)

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