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It's all about our New York Fashion Show and Cocktail party!

The New York themed weekend is being organised to herald the new collection from JLM Couture - a fashion house with a collection of bridal labels,  designed and produced in New York, that are fast becoming one of my favourites. I actually actively love some of the bridesmaids dresses.  - not a statement I can repeat about most of the poly-satin horrors widely available on the bridesmaids market.
Noir by Lazaro

The wedding dresses are stylish, with the glamourous modernity of big brand labels like Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta. They are, however, priced to slide into the wedding spreadsheet on or under a £2000 budget.

Tara Keely
As I am the least well travelled person I know it is ironic idea that I am hosting a New York themed event at Miss Bush's. A woman that has never left mainland Europe designing an event concept based on a city I've never been to.

The lovely Marshy, who has been to New York - (and toured the city in shorts on rollerblades !) assures me that it looks exactly like a film set and is as familiar as Woking because of the million visual images held within our collective subconscious. I, having studied American Literature along with film at University, add the works of Henry James, Edith Wharton, Anita Loos, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac meandering to Tom Wolfe, Candice Bushnell and even Plum Sykes, to name but a few, to my imagined cityscape.

New York has also been home to many of my real and imaginary style heros - I have been trying to make them line up in order so I can pull together a brief for our shoot and catwalk looks. My mood boards, clippings and Pinterest cup overflows.

From iconic TV series...

Picture credit
Picture credit
Picture credit epoch defining films

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I will be sharing my musings over the next couple of weeks in the run up to the Fashion Show and shoot hoping to carify in my own mind how this amazing city can provide endless inspiration for bridal looks.

The most absolutely amazing aspect of the event are the collaboraters I am working with. The first, and probably the most important, is Lisa Baker, a Wedding and Event Planner. Lisa's company is Just Bespoke  who aim to

"...  listen to your wishes, think up creative concepts, remove the stress and deliver a seamless, stylish and individual wedding for you and your guests."

So for wedding substitute 'event' How absolutely perfect is this for both me and 'you' potential guests. I have a hairbrained design concept about a city I've never been to. I want to invite scores of brides, their friends and families, press and bloggers. I want to entertain and inspire. Yet all I am really qualified to do is organise the fashion aspect.

I have had my first meeting with Lisa - it had an agenda - AND she made me keep to it. I discussed,with only moderate tangents, what I wanted to achieve, my style ideas, things I hate (that would be Gerberas) and  colour schemes in broad terms.

Good grief is this woman organised! I have had a contact report, tasks are assigned. Lisa will coordinate suppliers -  production, catering, design, flowers, music, bar - the list goes on. Lisa's work will be everywhere on the 23rd.

As a tempting morsel I have robbed  images from the Just Bespoke portfolio to share. So pretty...

 What do I get to do? Obssess over frocks, drive myself half crazy on Pinterest, bombard Sharon with hair questions, pace around waiting for Carolanne to get back from her break in Scotland because there are questions about Mac I need answered. Most of all I want to showcase the fashion. I have my models booked, my faces of Miss Bush at the ready...

Ellie as shot bt Eddie Judd

Jeni as shot by efcphotography

Jade as shot by efcphotography

For invites and tickets please email

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