Tuesday, 28 February 2012

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As a post script to yesterday's post regarding Lisa Baker - do not let her mild mannered appearance fool you - she has sent me some utterly cool ideas for our New York event. Brides that have tickets already will be in for a treat. I t is very inspiring organising an event in the midst of awards season and fashion week...

Again if you ever think that Wedding Planners are some kind of freaky indulgence for the super rich - let me tell you how fantastic it is that someone listens to you, interprets what you wants, polishes and presents back in a coherent manner. It will be interesting to see the fruits of my fantasies made real by professional.

A party without music would be unthinkable, a fashion show without 'choons' would be very dreary. Fabulously I have Matt Maurice on the wheels of steel, decks errr - could be something digital. I have drawn the floor plan and he has 1.792 square metres for kit. Our first meeting, at the launch of Parallel Venues Fetcham Park, was Matt handing me a microphone with instructions for use, as I was introducing our fashion show. Legendary Penny Cullen of Tigerlily Weddings bought him on board. He was, of course, fantastic and my first choice to ask to soundtrack the fashion show.

Thanks to the Angels of Low Season, he is going to be at The New York Postcard event in person. It will be brilliant for brides to be able to meet him - a DJ that has played many a fabulous club - but won't subject your Grandmother will not be subjected to impenetrable dub-step. For the love of parties - look how sub-zero his events are - http://s127817667.websitehome.co.uk/

Editing my New York influences, thinking music & clubbing only ever starts with Studio 54. Debbie Harry to Halston; Truman Capote to Woody Allen all told the impressionable teenage me what New York was and is. How fashionable, how decadent, how dangerous.

Channelling cocktail tunes brings me to Deadmau5...


Debbie Harry and Truman Capote -  Blondie front woman and the author of Breakfast at Tiffanys  with cocktails- these  images that are forever  New York

Diane Von Furstenberg - you all know I love good nylons...

Elton and Rod - favourite 'drunk track' artists of all time

I have ALWAYS had a girl crush on Debbie Harry...

Elizabeth Taylor, Halston, Bianca Jagger

Michael Jackson

Andy Warhol...

Tom Ford

Woody Allen and Michael Jackson

Pictures from http://obnoxioushalcyondays.blogspot.com/2011/07/studio-54.html?z#!/2011/07/studio-54.html

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