Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Shed to Wed - Wedding Diet Thursday

Week Two of 'Shed to Wed '- how's it all going you may ask?

Well fat-fans, a mighty 4lbs have been lost this week! Plus the measurements are looking much better.
Remember how the stats looked two weeks ago - alarming!

Bust 47"
Waist 40"
Hips 43"
Weighing in at 13 stone 6lbs

Today's weights and measures...

Bust 451/2"
Waist 381/2"
Hips 43"
Weighing in at 13 stone 1lb

...or, in pictorial form, this week I have lost the equivalent of an oven ready chicken adding to last week's 1lb of butter!

This week's weight loss

Last week's weight loss

Finally Weight Watchers have organised my log-on details so I may take a more 'on message' approach  and count points! Success I am putting down to strategic changes -

Swapped wine for the odd Moscow Mule

Avoided The Bakery in Ripley with it's gravitational pull towards pies and sausage roll and substituted my traditional Sunday lunch with a lighter variant.

Working with Geoff of Body Influences is going well. I can feel he is upping the pace. As he is such a love you feel you want to work hard for him. Hence my resolution and grit which meant my Sunday morning run was more picturesque than usual!

Yellow is the colour of the season...
Potential bumps on the road to svelteness this week

Tonight -a girl's night/candle party -  dear Lord I might need a drink
Friday - Designer Wedding Show - Champagne and Bento boxes anyone?
Saturday - Supper at mine with some fab' wedding world girls - cocktail shaker called for!

Mantras to be adopted while training "I want to wear a Packham" followed by "Harmony, harmony, harmony" - not cerebral - just the name of a Suzanne Neville dress I'd like...


  1. well done Bushy! Shall join you for a run at your soonest convenience x


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