Monday, 13 February 2012

Janet Mohapi Banks Sculptural Cake Design

I am the first to admit I was a wedding dunce but six months ago. Wedding dresses - yes, go on, - test me? Obscure celebrity - whose dress did they wear? I am, most definitely, your girl.

Wedding Cake designers? Never heard of any, never knew the league table, hadn't studied their form.

On a bright September day I arrived at Pendell House near Redhill for a shoot with Juliet McKee and Stacey Marie Chalk of Cherrytopped fully tooled up with pantone appropriate accessories, a seamstress and an armoury of extra 'just-in-case' fripperies. Miss Bush dresses were being featured and, with characteristic tunnel, vision that was my entire focus.

I was offered coffee- and some rather fine cake - by a smiley woman. I battled with my conscience for a second, maybe less, before accepting. I later learned through some aside giggling about creases in tablecloths and general shoot spectatorship that 'smiley woman' was Janet. Simply, we hit it off.

For all the strategic marketing planning, preferred partner status and merry-go round of trade and consumer shows  the simplicity of having met a bright and beautiful woman on a bright and sunny day was enough to start a friendship and a willingness to work together.

For me, and by extension Miss Bush, the personality is the key to recommendation. Janet is in-house for a pop-up shop on Saturday because I would trust her with my brides.

To qualify - her cakes are rather fine too. If she made wobbly towers that tasted like cardboard she could be Mother Theresa and she'd not be allowed in. There are many nameless wedding industry people who are probably genius level talents but putting them face to face with one's brides would be a disaster.

Janet will be at Miss Bush's on Saturday dispensing cake and inspiration in equal measures.

For more information on Janet please visit

Rose - how perfect for Valentine's Day
Summer - the cake that started it all for Janet and Miss Bush

Winter - she spent Christmas at Miss Bush as part of our sparkling decorations...

Photography throughout by Juliet McKee
Styling Stacey Marie Chalk at
Flowers and

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