Thursday, 2 February 2012

Shed to Wed Wedding Diet Thursday

So how has the spectacular wedding diet and fitness campaign come on?

It has been singularly successful! I have lost 1lb in weight and 1" from my waist. Now clearly this isn't a giant loss but let's look at the evidence...


Thursday Burns Night Supper
Friday Rotisserie Chicken and wings from Sainsburys
Saturday Chinese Take Away
Sunday Roast beef, Yorkshire Pudding and Marshy's homemade profiteroles
Monday Left-overs - stir fried beef and veg
Tuesday Harvester Birthday Meal with William (age 12)
Wednesday Soup

All things considered I am fairly satisfied!

However daytime has been virtuous! Breakfast has been porridge or fruit. Lunch - if possible to get some - has been veg soup or a Tuna Light Lunch - like Sheba catfood right down to the shape of the tin.

Running, boxing, kick-boxing, stretching and sweating are starting to wake up some muscles. I am physically tired rather than exhausted by stress or made dozy by wine.  I even found time for an unseasonal leg shave - followed by heaps of Clarins' moisturiser. Bare shins on show in January are demanding.

This week I have swapped diet tips with Miss Bush brides to be. The most gorgeous having slimmed from a 22 to a toned and athletic 10/12. This amazing weight loss was achieved gradually with plenty of running and nurturing. Believe me if I get the chance to share her wedding photos I will. Another bride had a cautionary tale about Lighter Life, effective but essentially starvation resulting in extreme sickness and a gall stone.

Looks like the tortoise approach may be the most effective long term - although I might secretly like to see the scales tell a more dramatic tale next week.

Fancy legitimately punching and kicking someone and are in the Woking area. Give Geoff a call.


  1. Well done! 1lb is good especially considering if you have done more exercise then you have probably made some muscle gain and we all know that weighs more than fat!

    I love tuna light lunches when I'm dieting although they do look a lot like cat food, haha!

    I'm getting married in march 2013, I'm eating healthy and hoping weight will come off slowly and surely. However, I'll probably end up having to go on a stupid crazy diet in the last few months because slowly and surely never seems to get me anywhere, haha!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  2. Hi Amelia.

    Thanks for your support! As I conduct appointments with brides all the time I am grabbing whatever tips that work!

    I think as a wedding gets closer it is much easier to focus - my brides seem to have spectacular weight loss very close to their wedding.

    I am the worlds best yo yo dieter so I'm really going to try and adopt a slow, steady amd more holistic approach. Although there are bound o be weigh ins where I am taking off every last bracelet and earring! ;)

    Emma xxx


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