Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Jenny Packham Aspen

Jenny Packham is using the image of Aspen to spearhead her worldwide brand advertising. Hence, daily,  I get calls from brides-to-be asking if there are any shots of the back view, side view, price, colour options and wearability. So for all you chic geeks and fact fans here are pictures from our October fashion show at Fetcham Park. Images by Eddie Judd, hair by This Morning's Leo Bancroft, head piece by DC Bouquets, flowers by Wild About and styling by Tigerlily.

Practical and factual considerations when image obsessing about Aspen.

If you are over a C cup and need to wear a bra it might be worth finding a new object of lust. As the dress is virtually backless and frontless one needs reasonably perky, self-supporting boobs. Cups can be added internally to the dress to give a little boost and Jenny Packham are providing a sliver of extra lining to make the a tad more modest.

The dress has a very definite natural waist seam and with a panelled chiffon skirt cut to curve round the bottom. If you are very long or short waisted the bottom will not sit correctly and it is not possible to alter this either prior to production or as a post production alteration.

The dress is available in ivory or platinum, the delivery time is 12 weeks and the Suggested Retail Price is £2875.

Still not fainted? Then if you are a size 8 - 12, between about 5'6" and 5'9" with a reasonable budget - the Aspen is staggeringly gorgeous.

Does this make me a body fascist? I would hope that anyone that has had a dress appointment with me or has read any blog posts knows that I believe, as fervently as any natural feminist, that beauty is not defined by size. However, in wedding dresses, the sight of gigantic cleavage, unsupported and with a breast likely to make a 'costume-malfunction' unscheduled appearance is just a You Tube hit waiting to happen.


  1. Emma, this made me laugh out loud. A Youtube hit waiting to happen... genius. I know from shopping with you that you're no body fascist, couldn't be less so, but you may have a point on this occasion.
    Helen in Buenos Aires. ps. Great work on the running routine and weight loss!!

  2. Hello Helen! How's the wedding planning going? So blinkin' excited about your latin love story! So pleased you're still reading - can't wait to write about you!
    Yes - the fitness plan is starting to work - finally!

    All my love Emma xxx

  3. Hiya Emma, Buenos Aires wedding is only seven weeks now, and I have yet to write the ceremony. We're doing all of that ourselves, (how modern, how fricking terrifying) which will be lovely and emotional on the day, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the minute.
    Anyway, I cannot WAIT to get into the lovely dress, I smile every time I think about it.
    Keep up the good work on the fitness! Hx

    1. Helen - looking forward to seeing your wedding photos - send me some when you have a moment! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. Hi Emma, i love your post! Im getting married in December and have fallen in love with this dress. I tried it on twice already and while it looks great i'm worried about the cleaveage as I'm a cup C/D and would need to wear a bra. At the store in London they are teling me that they can make it work for me, widening the lining and have suggested that I wear Ultimo's miracle body suit (frontless and backless but with a bra). Im going to try it again with this but wanted your views on whether you think it could work? Thanks a million!

    1. I sold this dress to someone on Saturday who would prefer to wear a bra with the dress and I have suggested at her fitting we try with lots of different underwear. Have the London store mentioned the new version of Aspen - called Dentelle? It has a more modest neckline and a softer skirt. It might be better suited to your sense of modesty!
      The only problem with the Ultimo body is that they still have straps so either these will show through at the back or straps will need to be added to the lining (same kind of design idea as on Eden.)
      It's a bit of a fitting challenge that's for sure! Let me know how you get on! xxx


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