Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Segerius Bruce - Wedding Photography and beyond

Yesterday morning I had a brief email exchange with Chanelle of Segerius Bruce Photography. It followed thus -

Miss Bush - "can you send me a few of your favourite images - I'd like to write an introduction to you before Saturday"
Chanelle - "I am on my way into London. Retouching all this week for X (insert the name of world-famous iconic photographer!!!). Hours are pretty long with a 2 hour commute each way (oh the joy!)

I don't have much free time this week as a result. The best way to grab images is to go to my blog rather than the portfolio."

In the words of a pimped meerkat 'simples'.

Oh but it isn't, it's very far from simple.


I am a dress retailer - therefore putting dresses on my blog ought to mean I endorse their style or I sell them. How can I use dresses that are either not my taste or the work of another?

If I put images on the Miss Bush blog of other designers or retailers work would they, quite rightly, get shirty? As much as I have respect for my competitors - Russell, Sam, Deborah, Ellie - if they used one of my brides on their blog I would be extremely put out!

How on earth do photographers get past potential bridal customers looking at their work and having the same responses as I did - for example - 'really - that necklace? Why do brides think that adds something? Should there be a law passed that you shouldn't wear on jewellery you are given on the wedding morning on principle? You lengthen and highlight your decollete and then put a choker on - why?' Detail obsessed or pathologically shallow - you decide...

How to you get a prospective bride to notice the lighting, composition, colour balance - the personality of the work?

I have wrestled and have decided to use one photo of a bride looking utterly stunning. The dress is hidden - but the headdress is statement and it is one I sell - Jenny Packham Accacia II - a future heirloom.

I would say in support of Chanelle's brilliance - read her blog as I did. Inside it you'll find not only her wedding photos which are sumptuous. You'll also find, in common with many female photographers I admire, Chanelle gets the fine styling details that please my editorial soul. I was given the nod in her direction by Peta Hunt - Editor-at-Large of You and Your Wedding - her words 'a great fashion photographer in the making' no less.

Beyond that there is a personal blog that perfectly illustrates and documents travel, friends, family love. There is an artistic and anthropological pulse that filters through all Chanelle's work - the unique characteristic that kept me gripped to her and Craig's holiday photos - I mean when does that ever happen?

Chanelle is at Miss Bush on Saturday. Be gentle with her - this will be her first ever time and she is a stranger to wedding shows. A great photographer if you love your fashion and your fine details and equally equipped to find empathy and love if you're not a style junkie like me.

Contact www.segeriusbruceblog.com

Photography by Segerius Bruce

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