Monday, 24 October 2011

Claire Tyrell looking gorgeous in Maggie Sottero

There are times when I feel some brides make it their life's work to shop for a wedding dress. Fair play - it's fun. I have also been asked by unmarried friends, previous registry office brides or just the long time married if they could just take over the shop for an evening, bring in some wine and play dress up. Such is the attraction of indulging yourself.

Now Claire Tyrell experienced the 'other' kind of wedding dress shopping. Where shop one almost dress one was love at first sight.

In Claire's words...

"I wanted to thank you all so much for your help – you really are amazingly talented. I’m sure there are many brides who find the task of finding the “right dress” incredibly daunting made worse by some very snooty boutiques but you all made it a lot of fun and while honest and professional it wasn’t daunting in the slightest! I’m also grateful for your help in producing the vision I had for the head piece – thank you thank you thank you! I’ve told everyone that there really is nowhere else worth going – so glad I didn’t even try!"
Claire has sent me some snaps but I have also included the link to her photographer as he has captured some lovely images of the neighbouring village of Shere. Picture perfect and used as the location for the film 'The Holiday' it provides an idyllic location for a fun and relaxed day.

Here is the link to the official photographs which show all the details of dress, day and the beautiful Claire to the best effect!

Many thanks to Claire for sharing - and I am lusting after a 'cheese' cake. Never seen one live....

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