Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Fetcham Park, Suzanne Neville's Garbo, Lovely Leia and efc Photography

There is not long to go until the Fetcham Park launch party. Four days in fact of sleeplessness, model fitting, lists. plans, minor irritations and major pains in the a**e.

Who's fault is this that Miss Bush is no longer an island nation. No longer the Galapagos of bridalwear untainted by the genetic bouillabaisse lapping at our shores. It is efc-blimmin-photography.

Why - I hear you cry? At least feign interest why don't you...

Back in June when the Miss Bush Boutique concept was a building project for the lovely Marshy I decided we needed a launch party to kick it off! As an old timer and long term advertiser with the now defunct Cosmo Bride and the mighty, and ongoing, You and Your Wedding I was able to invite Miranda Eason,  Peta Hunt and the lovely publishing girls down to attend. A virtual newbie to Twitter I rashly put out a call for help! I needed a make up artist and a photographer. I really wanted to get some great images from the night.

Out went the Tweet in came efc amongst others. A couple of sarcastic tweets went round saying - here's another job with no budget! A little short sighted, but then it was peak season and I had just spent all the money on building materials. Jude from efc however did not leave at a tweeted reply, she was on the phone several times, leaving messages and clearly wanting the gig. I didn't know her from Adam. As a sales person at heart I responded to this effective doorstepping. As a result, a meeting followed, Australian Jude and Polish Bea turned up at Bush HQ. Bea was available to photograph the 1st July party. The day came, Bea and the event triumphed. The pictures were amazing - beyond anything I had hoped for especially given there was absolutely no brief or direction whatsoever from me.

Afterwards, at a meeting to show me the photos, I assured efc, that, if asked , I would recommend them to my brides. Then Jude dropped casually into conversation that they were desperate to get on a recommended supplier list for a venue. As I was so pleased with their results my mind was jogged to remember an email I had had from one Laura Young, now Mrs Caudery about a venue she wanted to launch and she needed a 'fashion partner'. As Bea and Jude sat  in the Bush Chapel mezzanine I typed an email that I think may have irrevocably changed the course of my life.

First the Aussie boot in the door, then the delicate size 3 Louboutin of Laura Caudery, Mrs Brushes - Carolanne Armstrong, flash-mob florist Bloomin'Gayle, Brizzle Cloggins aka The Wedding Reporter, Cherished Vintage, whirlwind planner Tigerlily, lovely Elbie, chatty Sharon, Eddie-she's a girl-Judd, Mrs Beeforth  - I mean how big is the circle of love going to get?

I have Eurotunnelled myself, there is a massive Golden Gate Bush Bridge into Ripley central and the whole crazy, glorious, talented bunch a rocking up to our second home Fetcham Park on Sunday.

The following pictures are the last of my uber strung out set from efc photography's shoot on the August Bank holiday. They feature, again,  real life bride-to-be Leia Suttee, one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever come across. They also feature some of my favourite other things.

Namely -

Suzanne Neville's sublime dress Garbo from Miss Bush, my old school friend Jon Dibben's Fairtrade jewelry, flowers in the hair from Kate Moss's florist Scarlet and Violet, make up by Carolanne, Laura's house Fetcham Park and my new mates - efcphotography -  behind the camera.

So to those attendees on Sunday and the curious bystander please let it be known it is all Bea and Jude's doing...

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