Sunday, 23 October 2011

Karen Wright in Cymbeline Emea - Beautiful Bride and Mentor

It is not really a secret that I love my job. Not in a weird Mills and Boon/chick lit sort of way. Nor in the obsessive manner of a recent-married bride turning out copies of her own wedding. I don't think very much about weddings - I'm out of the regular demographic of first time brides and my children are ten years off the entry level. I hope.

I do know dresses, dress deisgners, fashion editors - I know my job. It is performed with passion bordering obsession. Until recently I couldn't count any other wedding service provider as a friend - I simply didn't know any.

 My customers, brides and their families, have always been dealt with professionally  However, uppermost in my mind, until now, was simply to focus on the bride to be's wedding dress not her wedding. I have quipped that 'it is my job to be shallow!' Whilst the brides' sweat the bigger issues - the emotions and the politics of a wedding -  I do the dress up. Helping a bride choose her dress, ordering, chasing, checking, fitting, styling;  delivering on my promises has been my total remit.

Poor Miss Bush brides  - the dynamic has just changed radically. I now have an opinion on everything!

Enter bride to be Karen Wright.

Karen is a Miss Bush bride that has the dubious honour of being a first! My first bride-to-be that I communicated with on Twitter. The first bride-to-be who has become an unpaid social media PR Consultant. Poor Miss 'Newton2be's appointments were like a tutorial. For me.

Karen has, along with my new found 'friends' in other wedding services,  helped me take a giant stiletto clad step on the mysterious path of social media. This in turn has inspired me to look more intently at the work of key artisans on a wedding day - florists, photographers, stylists...

Karen and Craig got married at Cain Manor - I'd heard of it, I knew it was lovely - now I know their Twitter name is @BijouWeddings. Karen's florist was Steph form Fairynuff Flowers. Now I've met her, used her and am recommending her.

I could Tweet a good luck message on Karen's wedding day to her  when initailly it took me a few days to figure out who 'Newton2be' was!

No longer '2be' I am now delighted to share Mrs Newton's photos of her marrying her dashing groom in uniform, Craig.

So many thanks to Karen for so many reasons and bless her  - the British Army grabbed her husband back the day after the wedding! I hope you and Craig have an amazing honeymoon when you finally get away.

 A few words from Karen...
"Just a proper email to tell you my dress Rocked last Saturday and thanks to you and your mum I looked like a million dollars lol – everyone loved the dress and I even sent a future bride your way lol

Thank you so much for everything you and your team made the whole process work like clockwork and left me with the most dreamy gown and a really happy smile!
we really had a fantastic day and yes my face hurt afterwards lol I thought the guys looked amazing in their bearskins didn’t they all of them looked very smart it was a real honour to have them all there although the military crosses were a little intimidating lol
Craig really loved the dress he thought it was beautiful and believe me for a man who has his suits custom made this is a serious compliment.

Steph’s flowers were so beautiful – I just know you won’t be disappointed in anything she does for you!! "

Photography Warren James Palmer
Flowers bt Steph Turpin of



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