Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sharon Roberts Wonderful Hair for a Wonderful Jenny Packham Eden

Lovely Sharon Roberts - I don't know where to start describing this marvellous, chatty, warm and open woman. It is no secret, when I was calling for hairdressers for the Fetcham Park shoot, Sharon popped into the Bush Chapel to say 'Hi' and offer her services. I was immediately taken with her - she left,  then I went on her website. Frankly,  I was concerned. Being incredibly shallow on occasions and guilty of a highly advanced form of wedding snobbery I wasn't convinced she 'got me.' I use Rosa Clara pictures - I don't do tonged sideburns.

Was Sharon the right stylist for the job. Bloody Hell - yes.

Sharon has a skill set to rival any hairdresser I have met with. Add to this her gregarious personality and years of experience dealing with stressed wedding parties,  hurdle one of dealing with a bunch of new and novice shoot organisers did not phase her.

Hurdle two - having no brief and an indeterminate number of models to style - was cleared without breaking a sweat.

Hurdle three - impressing me - done! Sharon wiped the floor with me - modestly, quietly without an artistic temperament. Would I recommend her to my brides - have done. Would I use her myself? Have done - so have the majority of the Fetcham Foxes. I put in an emergency call to her to do my roots and 'edgy-up' my cut the night before a  surprise meeting with Celebrity hairdresser Leo Bancroft.

Now Leo's a bit of a legend - This Morning hairdresser and London Fashion Week stylist. Leo is doing the models for our Fetcham Park fashion show on the 30th October.

Who is doing my hair? Sharon...

Sharon at work on a surprise additional model Lily

Sharon's original and cool take on a 40's roll...

There is of course one small caveat to the statement that Sharon is doing my hair on the 30th . I 'might' have booked some additional models to act as sales promo girls that are outside Leo's brief...

Hair Sharon Roberts Wonderful Wedding Hair
Wedding Dress Jenny Packham Eden at Miss Bush
Bridesmaids Dress Lou Lou at Miss Bush
Hair Accessories Sasso and Cherishe Vintage at Miss Bush
Location and generous host Fetcham Park and Laura Caudery
Photography EFC Photography

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  1. Thanks Emma. I loved every minute of it.
    As for the the 30th... Just tell me what time
    to be there & don't worry about a brief, I'm quite
    sure you'll 'tweak it' on the day anyway!


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